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Religious News
Orthodox Church split fuels Russia-Ukraine tension

Quote:What is the dispute all about?

Tensions within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church mounted after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Ukraine won independence, and with communism discredited there was a huge revival in Christian worship.

For centuries, before the Soviet period, the Russian Orthodox Church had been identified with the Russian state, allying its interests with those of the tsar.

The Russian nationalist revival under Boris Yeltsin, then under Vladimir Putin, boosted the Church's authority and determination to stay in charge of the Ukrainian churches.
"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
That's probably the saddest thing about the whole Ukraine business - they hate Russians the worst of anyone else, ever. And with good reason.

They've been subject to atrocity and occupation/rule by Russia for fucking centuries.

Can you imagine the future they saw when Gorby released Perestroika? "At last, Ukraine can be free!" and it largely was, until Mad Vlad started on his lebensraum campaign.

It's not as though Putin hasn't got enough land, but he's like a fat kid with a cookie jar - even though he's full, he'll grab a few more. Now, thanks to trump, they're in a very shaly position, and if Putin manages to grab it, there will be another whole round of pogroms.

Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Arrests in Georgia church for selling edible marijuana
"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
In other religious news, un-named sources were able to verify the reports coming in from Utah, where several young Mormon housewives expressed some displeasure with their patriarch hubby-priest dude.

"He leaves the seat up and has never washed it once! Sometimes, he doesn't even tell me that the lemon meringue pie was real he use to."

Inside sources couldn't be reached for comment.

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Back to the news:

God needs your help! Details at eleven!
I was reading that off Fark yesterday, and it's a classic example of a misleading headline/clickbait.

The actual story is: "...the women openly selling the marijuana/tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) edibles on social media sites..."

They just happened to be a church when the cops nabbed them.

Drug laws are stupid, but they are still the law, and that's spectacularly stupid.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Spectacularly stupid is the new stupid.

Regular stupid is "so yesterday".

Btw, if 'spectacular' appeals to you, stay tuned for an important message. Lawdy, let it shine!
Coca Cola is thinking of adding a cannabis extract to it's soft drink. ... said so on the news.

They used to add cocaine but they've gone down market.
My dear old (dead) dad worked for R.J. Reynolds. It was a big tobacco company that owned a mess of smaller food companies, which he worked for. In the early 60's, R.J. was pondering the pot market of the future.
I saw some of the early precursor adds.

R.J. also produced a lettuce-based cigarette back then. No nicotine.
Didn't go to market, iirc...but we had a few cartons kicking around the house.

I didn't smoke back then..but I do remember that those placebos looked and burned a lot like real fags.
And the pack they came in was identical to the Camel's pack.

(Probably used the same factory.)

Can't recall the name of those experimental ciggies.
I do recall that no one wanted to buy them.
And the idea was eventually scraped.

People like addictive drugs.
That's what market research tells us.

They keep coming back for select molecules.

I could list the ones of historical relevance, if you'd like.
There's not that many of them.

Di-acetalmorphine hydro-chloride has been popular since its inception. When it was a humble dream of the Bayer corporation.
It was an over the counter drug; marketed to parents that had colicky babies.
Heroin was initially touted as a non-addictive form of morphine.
Funny that.

Much more recently, the same thing happened with oxy-codone.
A synthetic opiate derivative that wasn't heroin or even dilaudid.
Re marketed in a huge dose pill, Oxy-contin was released as a new drug to treat cancer pain.
Though it was the same old drug called a bigger, time release tablet.
Millions were made. Billions of dollars.
And legions of new addicts.

Ripe for heroin from Afghanistan , cut with fentanyl analogs form China.

Puts our wars in perspective.

Opiate o.d.'s kill more Americans per year, than the war in Vietnam.
By far.

But they don't kill anywhere near as many Americans than the Vietnamese we killed in that war, if that's any consolation.
We killed the fuck out of gooks. 10 to one ratio, easily.
And the toxic goodies we left behind continue to raise the toll there.

We don't like to talk about that.

Besides, Gooks are sub-humans.
Same like Japs. Whomever.
Depending on the time and locality and the patriotic fervor.

Not much has changed.
One cowboy is worth 10 or twenty Indians.
Only the names have changed.
(09-19-2018, 02:39 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Coca Cola is thinking of adding a cannabis extract to it's soft drink.    ...  said so on the news.

They used to add cocaine but they've gone down market.

Publicity stunt bullshit.

Find a bandwagon and jump on it.

One of our smart Kiwi entrepreneurs re-labelled their soft drinks "Blockchain" sometime last year during the Bitcoin phase.

Their shares went through the roof before anyone realised there was no advantage or point in it all beyond trying to garner attention.

Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
The new soft drink that sells like crazy in the U.S. is called 'water'.
It comes in a plastic bottle. You can buy it in vending machines that also sell carbonated beverages like Coke and Pepsi.
It cost about the same amount as the Pepsi and Coke...which is a pretty sweet deal,,,as the water has had the harmful aspects of the Coke and Pepsi filtered out. Even the caffeine.

Pretty amazing what modern technology can do.
They manage to filter out all of the brown color of the coke and Pepsi.

You can't even taste the original product! No hint of sweetness.

How cool is that?

Not sure why Bud Light doesn't have a water brand yet. It's not that hard to filter out all the impurities in a Bud Light to get a can of water.

Maybe they haven't thought of it yet.

Same with big dairy...just a matter of time before we can buy a jug of zero percent milk. Fat free! Peta-friendly!

feckin' useful stuff.
Rich in hydrogen.

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