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Fucking N-worders should go back to Africa!
If that title sounded racist, it wasn't.

I'm simply fascinated with the N word.

We've never had a word like the N-word before.

It' like the worst word ever.

I can't wait until PC racist start yelling shit like the title thread.
It is bad when one gets in trouble for using a similar sounding word.
"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
Told yas.  PC zealotry is just another form of what religion uses as a control tool.  
Non adherence is 'blasphemy.'

It's shamans are constantly hunting for signs of it to keep up the supply of the heretics to be made examples of and burned.

No woo required, religion itself is more about control and politics played by it's exponents than it is about belief in the supernatural, or an ideology, or "principles'.  Only the gullible believe that side of it.

The real racists don't give a shit about Political Correctness, only the unwary are caught up in the frenzy and hysteria, and fear, of peer pressure.

The people whose feathers get ruffled about words like niggardly are no different from those who demand the beheading of blasphemers of Islam  ... are they?  
It's the same form of zealotry which only differs in how physical it gets.

I find wry humour in watching people denounce the bigoted and threatening speech found in extreme religious zealotry  extolling the virtues of it in extreme PC.

We're a funny species.  

I'm talking about the same tactics, not the same goal before someone here fizzes over.  The means not the ends.
Geeze almost forgot!   There's consternation down here because an idiot Senator stood up and made a maiden speech about how we've got to ban Muslims and .. didn't hear it all but presume 'darkies' and return to the White Australia policy of the early half of the 1900s.   Or at least that's how the media are playing it, I haven't listened to the whole thing, life's too short.

But the captured phrase that the media ran with was ... wait for it ... "final solution".  

Petrol on the fire!  

They're all down there in Canberra falling over each other to distance themselves from the stupid flea.
Wow, a Senator said something stupid, who'da thort??

It was part of a sentence about solving the current dilemna of vetting immigrants and he was too stupid to make the connection that it was probably not a great term to use.

But .. to be fair, he wasn't suggesting we  put them in the ovens!!
The full context of the sentence was along the lines of  "the final solution to the immigration question is to put it to the vote, hold a plebiscite and let the people decide  (on who is admitted).

There's a big difference between Adolph's final solution and holding a bloody democratic plebiscite over the wording of a policy.  sheeesh. but then it's alllll about the headline.

No one even noticed it when he said it.  Other politicians were half asleep, and when he finished they did what they always do when anyone makes a maiden speech, they have a yawn, thank christ that it's finally finished, and wander over and shake their hand as a kind of traditional welcome to the ranks or whatever.

Now the media are running with the suggestion that every politician who shook his hand is a secret racist Mussie hater who approves of finding a "final solution" for them all.  

You can imagine how this is going over with both the Mussies AND the Jews!

Don't get the idea I'm defending the idiot here, I'm disgusted with the quality if it could be called that of people who stagger into our Senate, he's not even the stupidest!  But he sure got more media coverage with that than he ever would by actually accomplishing anything worthy politically.

It's not like anyone had ever heard of him before.  Except maybe because of his manner of being there at all.
No pillar of political punditry this bloke.  
Care to take a rough guess at how many people voted him into the Senate??

C'mon, think of a number, not a percentage a real number of real votes that he got in his own name and not just as part of the Party (which he then deserted when he switched allegiance.  real sweetie this bloke.) 

Were you close?   ... it was 17  ... yep seventeen people out of the elligible voting millions of Aussies voted for him and he winds up in the Senate.

It was just a system glitch, he was way down on the ballot order but all the ones ahead of him were turfed out, resigned, or declined the offer to replace the person above them on the list as they had better things to do than sit in the lunatic asylum of the Senate.
He did a "Bradbury".*

And you think Washington gets crazy? Confused Big Grin

*Doing a Bradbury.
meaning, winning by almost miraculous default.

funny true story!

So what did the original Bradbury do to achieve his place in the Australian lexicon?

In an unlikely series of events, short-track speed skater Steven Bradbury became the first Australian to win a gold medal at a Winter Olympics. In Salt Lake City in 2002 he competed in the thousand-metre short-track event.

After winning his first heat it seemed that his chances of progressing any further were slim – his quarter-final draw included two of the world’s best skaters, and only first and second placegetters would progress to the semi-final. 

Bradbury finished third, but one of the other placegetters was disqualified for obstruction, thus giving the Australian a spot in the semi-final.

In the semi-final race he was at the back of the pack. It looked as if he was out of the race, but when three other skaters fell he managed to finish second and secured a berth in the final.

Five skaters took part in the final race. Bradbury was last in the pack, when, in spectacular style, the other four skaters crashed and fell on the last corner.

Bradbury passed the pileup and took the gold. An Australian legend was born and the term ‘to do a Bradbury’ was very quickly established in the Australian vernacular, and continues to be used to this day.
(08-15-2018, 01:40 PM)stanky Wrote:  If that title sounded racist, it wasn't.

I'm simply fascinated with the N word.

Just use it like that congress bloke Sacha Baron Cohen got to who dropped his strides and screamed "Niger, nigger, nigger!"

It's to use Nigga, though, as long as you're a nigger.

(08-15-2018, 03:18 PM)grayman Wrote:  It is bad when one gets in trouble for using a similar sounding word.

Haha! That's why I use that word as often as possible.

(08-15-2018, 04:32 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Geeze almost forgot!  

Yes, I've been having a laugh at that one. The pollies have been falling over themselves to condemn him - even Pauline said it was a bit much!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
Those guys are geniuses - that's brilliant.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Amen to that.

I need Matt and Trey in my world,

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