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the age of stuff
I declare this century to be the age of stuff.
Because I was born in the 40's, I have some oversight on stuff.

We didn't use to have so much of it.
Yet, our standard of living seemed pretty good.

America was at its finest. One worker could support a family of six.
Soldiers could go to college on the G.I. bill.
Life expectancy was a reasonable 72 in first world nations like mine.
The population was a mere third of what it is now.

Than, an explosion happened.

Invention suddenly became the mother of necessity.
And we haven't got past that.

It kind of snuk up on us, unawares.

We have so much stuff now, that it threatens our very survival.
Our oceans are filled with micro-plastic particles....from excess crap, that somehow we managed well without when I was a kid. We pushed our lawn mowers; had no leaf blowers; no weed-eaters; no cars or tv's even.
We could still drink our tap water and camp on the beach for free.

(Curmudgeon rant warningSmile

Today, Mary and I went to town. It's a small, back water Appalachian town.
We were at the water kiosk, where we can buy filtered water for 25 cents a gallon.
One of the reasons we do that is because our road department has decided to spray our spring with glylphosate...the wonder chemical of Monsanto that we have drenched the planet in. Our little lane, that serves 3 people, is drenched in it.
We have no more honey bees.
This year, the black locust blossoms didn't happen. First time ever.
Honey bees are gone.

The cause of this is up for debate.
The cause of the plastic particles in our oceans is not up for debate.
We know exactly what caused it.

The age of stuff.

As we all know, the plastic revolution was fueled by oil.
Cheap oil. Which also fueled stupid wars...and according to most sciency folks, is also fucking our climate, bigly.
Hence, it's a spiraling effect.

Recently, the Trump machine came out against the Koch bros..because they weren't fascist enough for our new king.

I must break this into bite sized chunks.
We all suffer from the new disease of attention span deficit disorder.
I have it so bad, I probably won't read my own post.
(Tl, we say.)

Yet we ignore this sort of post at our peril.
Not because I'm so brilliant.
Hell no.
As I age, my years and my i.q. are coming into double digit harmony.

Stay tuned.

(Both of you.)
Epic post Stanky!!

That even raises the hair on a mildly 'fascist Right winger's' head!

That's not being 'bambi' or Greenie, that's just calling it as it is.  I'm okay with that, I was never pro environmental vandalism and that's where much of what you outline falls.

I'm sending that to Cuz,  he'll be devastated about the bees.  He keeps bees and worries about them a lot.

Then I'm going to think about how you link our pack rat addiction to collecting stuff to the pollution content of planet.

That should be worth more than a coffee and a cigarette span of time to think about,  we'll see how that goes.
Could result in either an argument or a sympathetic rant.   I'll keep you posted.
Reminds me of debates I have with the wife and her collection of "stuff" around the house.

Whereas I could walk away from it all and start anew if necessary, she is overly attached to her things.

I have stated that if you need more than a pickup truck to move to a new home, you have too much stuff.
I wonder why people mostly suck at having fun?- stanky
No mate. The qualifier is a 10 tonne flatbed truck load, and a big pantec full.

And that was just for two of us!! About the only thing Mum and I had in common was hoarding sentimental and 'useful' stuff!
So, I'm filling our plastic 7 gallon water jug in town.
Because our pristine water has been polluted.
Our bees and bats have been killed.

Three guys just showed up while I was typing. They used my boat to go fishing on the river.
The most hippy of them, a young guy with dreads and tats, also had a pit bull with him.

I fucking hate pit bulls. They are bread as fighting dogs.
People who seek out these breeds are asseholes that I don't need around here.
I've been severely bitten by asshole dogs 5 times in my life.
Still, I love dogs.

What I hate is pure bred (In bred) breeds designed to fight.

My alpha bitch mutt went after the pitbull, straight away.
In her mind, it's her job here. She isn't about to back down from anything to protect us.
It was a bad scene.
She tore into the pitbull.

I stopped the fight. No blood.

By why the fuck does a dread-locked hippy come here with a fucking pitbull?
And use my boat without asking, to fish our land?

Christ, if I ever get a gun, I wont hesitate to shoot a pitbull's brains out. Wouldn't hesitate.

I'm so dissapointed.
I'm distracted now by what I wanted to write.

I fucking hate in bred dogs and the people that seek them.

I'm kind of seethingly annoyed by this interlude.

Fuck pit bulls and the people that love them.

I will gladly kill the next one I see on my land.
And I can't kill anything.
But I could kill a pit bull.

And i will.
I'll do it with a baseball bat.
These guys could have asked me if I'd like to come along.
I know this river.
I know how and when to catch fish.
They caught nothing.

They didn't have the decency to engage me, at all.
And then I had to endure this pit-bull scene.


These dudes have no idea how pissed I am about this.

(It's part of the price of living in a place like this.)

It doesn't happen often...but this time, it happened in mid post.

People can be such assholes.

The new hippies really suck, from what I've seen.
I fucking hate their piercings and tats and pure bred dogs.
Fucking hate it.

I prefer rednecks, frankly.

They wouldn't dream of violating me like this.
So, I was going somewhere with the post before this radical interruption.
I'm proud of my dog, frankly.
She is fearless.

She will run off a bear.
Yet, she's an absolute sweetie of a dog.
Until it comes to protecting us.

She will take the bullet for us.

It was kind of insane for her to go after the pitbull.

She'll go after a gang of coyotes.
It's amazing that she's still alive.
And 10 years old.

She would have protected us from that pit bull to the death.
I have scars in my legs from dogs sinking their teeth into me.
So far, they have all been pure bred (in bred) dogs.

It's why I have a touchy spot about dog breeders.

And the royal family.
Quote: The new hippies really suck, from what I've seen.
I fucking hate their piercings and tats and pure bred dogs.
Fucking hate it.

That's the nut in the pod Stanky.  "the new hippies" ...  it's the new ones that piss off Trump voters,  not your gen of them.   The 'new' ones are what piss off even mild Righties, like me,  as being the image of the 'new' Left.

The fella with the pit bull is the same fella we what we have down here that we call bogans. 

They do the piercings and the tats and the matted hair and yes! even the pitbulls! and declare themselves entitled to the dole because they choose to live as free spirits not under the yoke and orders of fascist bosses.
And somehow they then become the taxpayer's responsibility to support because they've 'disadvantaged' themselves from getting employment due to their appearance and attitude.   That does not compute somehow. are you getting a glimmer of who I mean when I whinge about dole bludgers??

There's been a few moves to ban pitbulls entirely down here.  Good idea.  Same as guns, no decently intended person needs to own either.
(07-31-2018, 04:43 PM)grayman Wrote:  I have stated that if you need more than a pickup truck to move to a new home, you have too much stuff.

That's exactly how my single years were: a bed, a fridge and a couple of boxes and I was done.

Your Mrs and mine have something in common on the possession front...
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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