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Strange maladies
There's a series of youtube docs called "Only Human".
I've seen a few of them.
Generally, there is little understanding of them, and no cure.

Tourette's syndrome is one. The 'tics' that arise in these people are akin to a sneeze. It can't be suppressed. Only 1 in 10 of the sufferers of that blurt out obscenities. Some just randomly scream or jump. It's rather disturbing to see...and horrible to live with. One of them that I saw; a kid, had at least 1000 episodes per day.

There was a conference that gathered a bunch of them together at a round table, to hear an expert on the condition give a lecture. Despite myself, it was one of the funniest lectures I've ever heard. Of course the professor was braced for it.
Imagine being interrupted constantly with loud outbursts like "Fuck off!" or "You're a cunt!" or a loud chicken squawking noise. Fucking hilarious. But it's no laughing matter. They all hated the condition they had. It severely limits their opportunities in life.

Narcolepsy is another one. It's more common than I had realized, with an estimated 80,000 of them in the UK alone.
Without warning, these people simply conk out...sometimes 100 times a day. It can happen while they're walking down a street. The suddenly collapse in a heap and have a nap. Horribly disabling; no cure; no understanding of cause.

There's another condition (disease?) wherein people are constantly hungry. They are compelled to eat; never experiencing a satiation point.

There's another one called 'primordial dwarfism'. It's quite rare. Only 100 people world wide that have it. They are tiny, yet normally proportioned. They have high squeeky voices and are absolutely freaky. One of them is 16 years old and weighs 16 pounds. She is quite pretty. Another one is 18 years old; male; and has awesome upper body strength from a life time of climbing up on things to access the world built for the rest of us.

We all have our problems...but some people have extraordinary issues.
Me thinks it's helpful to tune into them and the way the world is to them.
I'm an insomniac. I don't think I've ever been unconscious for more than 3 hours at a stretch. I thought I would be envious of narcoleptics. I adore sleep. Yet, having seen a bit of that reality, I take it back.
I'm also claustrophobic as hell. I hate being hemmed in by crowds or walls.
I sleep outside; year round. I'm ok with the cold. shitty with walls.

It's vaguely crippling, I suppose. My brother has it too. I don't think it qualifies as a disease. I reckon aboriginals all had it, without knowing. There was lots of space in the olden days. And not so many boxes.

Prader Willy syndrome, is the uncontrollable urge to eat. It can't be seen as a lack of will's actually a brain issue, in the hypothalamus part of the brain. The condition leads to morbid obesity and an early death.
People eat themselves to death.

We're just scratching the surface of understanding these things.
I feel that it is important to gain whatever understanding we can.

Addiction is certainly in that category, but it lacks a sciency name.

A disease I suffer from is empathy.
I can feel other people's suffering.
It's horrible.
I hate that we can callously drop bombs on children.
I really hate that.

It is fundamentally awful for me.
I also hate that people are cruel to plants and animals.
I hate that as well.

I'm a seriously fucked-up person.
I haven't managed to accept the cold heart required to be a functional human in today's increasingly sociopathic landscape .

It makes me sad.
It makes me frustrated.

It makes me yell, inside my head, "Snap out of it, people!"

How can we be OK with this?
Am I insane in the way this tears me up?

Quite possibly.

In some ways, I envy the apathetic masses.
I feel way too much.

I'm a bunny of love.

I'm pathetic.
Here's my malady.  Totally life ruining ailment that until recently was never diagnosed and largely not known to exist.
All the research was done in the USA and doctors here treated it as a joke that hypochondriacs were playing on them.

It presents with the symptoms of numerous other diseases and ailments so we were sent off with useless prescriptions for things we didn't have.  

There's volumes of info on it but this one sets it out in easily read simple terms.  The others get all too sciency about it.
It's basically insanity of the immune system.

I've had it probably since birth, but it's been ruling my life since my early 20s.  It's been quite a ride.

The 'mercurial' nature of it is hardest both to cope with, and to diagnose.  I used to call it 'The Travelling Circus'.  The pain pitches camp in a different joint each day.

I've got, or have had, almost all of those symptoms listed at some time or other, sometimes several at once but never none, it doesn't cut you any breaks. 
It's why I'm so ridiculously sensitive to cold or even cool weather.

But I've been incredibly lucky that I haven't suffered the headaches.  Neck ache triggered ones occasionally but not the hellish ones some sufferers report.  

Taking enough of the usual pain killers for it would kill us long before the fibro does, they don't work all that well as what they target isn't 'real'.  It's a manifestation of pain that registers because the immune system is attacking a 'phantom' injury.  
Despite scientific evidence the one thing that does work is what shouldn't.  Anti-inflamatories.
Doctors wouldn't prescribe them because there was no discernible inflammation, but the nervous system sure thought there was.
We had to lie about having arthritis or something to get our hands on them.

The light has been seen now and I've found a doctor who has read up on the whole circus and has put me on methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis, which I don't have but which works to ameliorate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  Doesn't stop it but sure takes the edge off it.
Only 50 years too late but bless him anyway.

That bit about physical activity is a bitch.  Just pulling a few weeds in the garden can trigger a week of agony. But then so can just sitting around too much!   Damned if we do and damned if we don't.   

It's something that doesn't occur to people who tell us we need to join a gym and get more exercise and get some weight off when a lot of it is fluid buildup which also occurs in some cases.  siiiiigh.  Poor us.   But then it doesn't kill us as quick as base jumping and cave diving so it's swings and roundabouts.Smile

you're bat-shit crazy?

Is that what you'r saying"

I'm also batshit crazy.
But there is no name for my ailment.

I'm somewhat envious that you have a name for your insanity and i don't.
I'm merely " run of the mill' crazy..
You've managed to be a victim.

Good on you.

Imagine being me...with no cause.
Just fucking crazy.

I don't even enjoy your social welfare system.

Yet somehow, you take pride in railing against people that cash in on welfare?

You are on welfare.
To a degree that someone like me could only dream of.

Snap out of it.

You've managed to be a victim.

Good on you.

Imagine being me...with no cause.
Just fucking crazy.

I don't even enjoy your social welfare system.

Yet somehow, you take pride in railing against people that cash in on welfare?

You are on welfare.
To a degree that someone like me could only dream of.

Snap out of it.

Fuck off!!

No, I'm not on welfare at all, I draw not a single dollar from the gubbermint nor do I get any of the discounts and perks of people on pensions .. so you can shove that one!   This has cost me plenty and has been the opposite of "cashing in"!

I worked with it and got used to being in constant pain.  Others I knew worked despite  crippling injuries and arthritis.  It was how we were before we all got soft.
Now though frauds go to a doctor and tell him they're 'depressed' or suffer gender issues and they get free support for life from the tax payers!  
If they had what others suffer the bastards really would have a reason to be 'depressed'.

I could have applied, but chose not to, out of pride or stubbornness.  If I was sucking on the welfare tit I wouldn't feel free to criticize the various governments running it would I? 
It doesn't bother some but it bothers me.

My insanity is confined to the immune system, my head still works reasonably well, but there was no name for it for me either!   It took 40 years before it was recognized,  so I understand your feeling about your particular syndrome.

Yours seems to include an inability to differentiate between the needy and the greedy when it comes to welfare.  
I find your attitude pretty insulting really not to mention abysmally naive.

I will not love you for at least the next half hour!

I was joking!


(It's a symptom of my un-named malady.)

Thank christ this isn't twitter. And I'm not the president.
That has to be difficult.
It's okay. The half hour is up.
Thank god.

Can we make it 15 minutes next time?
Life minus your love isn't livable.

(I'm very sensitive.)
Bullshit you are! [Image: yellow-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif]

No discounts on 30 minutes, sorry, I don't believe in welfare remember?

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