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surface area and crud catchers and architecture

(Wink wink)

Under duress, I succumbed to vacuuming my man cave today.
I sucked up hugely. I sucked up enormous numbers of arachnids.
I'm forced to do this, periodically. If I want to maintain a relationship with my sweetie...who is more normal than me.
I sucked up at least 1000 spiders in my shit-hole man cave...and it hurt me. And them.

Because i don't sleep well, and tend to stay up late, in a room with no windows or doors, i'm privy to an amazing show of insects and spiders. Normal visitors ask me "Wtf, dude?"

I tell them that it's my entertainment system.
After midnight, it gets insane in here...because of the light I use.
It draws crazy numbers of moths.
Which bring in bats and toads and all manner of beasties...which i love.
Pretty much unconditionally.

So far, they don't really fuck with me.
But it is disturbing to more normal types.

As I was sucking up my friends earlier today, i had to reflect on the problem of surface area and volume ratios. Again.

Honestly, this is a critical factor in everything.
The ratio of surface area to volume.

Very few humans can grasp the significance of this ratio like i can.

And I'd like to expound upon it, and the crazy ramifications of it.

Hopefully, some students of architecture might drop in to hear what I have to say.

It's not intuitive stuff, unless you're steeped in the knowledge of solid geometry and structures.

Suffice it to say, that simple adjustments in the way we build things can reduce the surface area of our structures, and the need for cleaning them, by 99%...without altering our life style one drop.

It can be accomplished via architecture.

And leave us with far better structures.

Not just slightly better...insanely better.

And we know how to do it.

I know how to do it.

The insane part is that somehow i've been sucked into this radically stupid approach to easy problems.

stay tuned.
I need to illuminate this.
Because I'm not even wrong.
Picture this:

A hemisphere of stainless steel or graphene, or even the mundane gunnite...and all the storage units are enclosed behind water tight containment units, built into the structure and also providing structural integrity to the unit.
Piece of cake, honestly. If someone would hire me to do this, I could do it yesterday.

At the top of this hemisphere, there would be a water valve. Periodically, it would spray some water down, over the inside surface, ultimately flowing into a drain at the center of the slightly sloping floor of the structure.
The accumulated funk would flow down hill, into an agricultural zone.

This is absurdly do-able.

And said hemisphere; a ridiculously strong structure, would also be floating in a small pool of water.
Which would enable several features, including vast savings.
It would enable fire safety; termite safety; tornado safety; earthquake safety, and the capability to rotate the structure according to the needs of heating and cooling.

Such a structure would eliminate 99% of the noxious addictions of our usual housing.

(I'm channeling Bucky Fuller.)

Honestly, our insanity regarding architecture is ridiculous.
We could easily build houses that required almost none of the usual costs. And hassles.

I could do it.

Obviously, the world at large could do it.

Our structures are from the dark ages.

I wish someone would hire me to build the house of the future.
Back in 1982, I built a house that garnered some media attention.
(It required no heating or cooling, and was way cheap.)

Since then, I have learned a lot.
A whole lot.

I'm stunned at the longevity of insane wooden boxes and the toxic needs of maintaining them.

It's truly pathetic.

Pretty soon, I won't know my ass from a hole in the ground.
But today, I know how to solve absurd problems.

I need someone to hire me.
I will work for free.

If anyone knows anyone that can facilitate this, please let me know.

Because I can't bare the level of stupid that rules us.
Yep. I knew it. First thing I thought of when I read your OP was "this is going to be about geodisic domes" not far off was I?

Have to do a Sparky and call that bit about a sphere bobbing about in a pond being tornado proof. My imagination is running riot at the thought of the sphere spinning faster and faster and getting sucked into the vortex.

Now that would be a wild ride!!

I've long admired the yurt (there's a proper name for them that I can't recall) as the greatest portable accommodation invention evva.

I suppose the strip of bark propped against a tree that the koori used was the invention of it's day once too, but those foldable packable yurts that the Mongolians use are impressive.
I'm way beyond yurts.
No doubt, just dropped it in to indicate interest.   Blush
I like yurts and teepees.

My wife says I'm two tents...
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
There's a relaxation Kit(ty) for that!

[Image: sleeping-kitten-smiley-emoticon.jpg]
you folks are cracking me up this evening.
Seriously, I've been laughing my ass off.
The moths are also laughing.

thank you so much.

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