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New metal alloy research
your cuz isn't a bullshitter.
I had simply not seen the weapon potential for the stuff, but it certainly exists.

As far as stopping flow of electrons, graphene can be layered with other elements (metals) to make the super-conductivity of graphene into a semi-conductor state.

Graphene, btw, is graphite. It's a single layer of the graphite configuration of carbon.

It was first created through a seemingly preposterous method:
(Amazingly, you could do this at home)

They took a pencil and rubbed it over a sheet of paper...just enough to cover the paper in a fine layer of graphite (the stuff in the pencil) and then they pressed cellophane tape (Scotch Brand Tape, iirc...a subsidiary of the RamJac corporation.) pulling up layers of the graphite and looking at it under the scope; over and over, until they got tiny areas of a single layer of graphite. Thus was born graphene.

It's so funky. How low-tek does it get for the discovery of the material of the future?

Of course, the challenge ever since has been how to get it off the Scotch Tape and make huge sheets of it.

btw, graphene is past the fantasy stage. You can buy graphene. It's not cheap.

There's reason to expect that it will get cheap. Based on past phenomena.
If that happens, it will be used for almost everything you can think of.
Graphene is the new super-plastic. Made out of carbon. Its crazy electrical conductive attributes are juicy. It's insane willingness to remain in that configuration...hexagons in a single layer...without being highly reactive with other elements coming 'round to sniff for potential bonds... like the whores and Johns the elements are. The beauty of grapheme is that it's happy to stay married to itself.

Obviously, the carbon arrangement that creates the diamond is pretty fucking stable, eh what?
And hard, hard, hard.
Especially for those miners in South Africa that fetched it out of the ground foe DeBeers...but also for that poor sucker in Appalachia that sold his truck for that engagement ring.

And later on had to sell his house for the disengagement ceremony.
And do time in the county jail.

shit's real, a Steve Earle song.


That's chemistry.

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