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Horses for Courses.
They found one for the Thai cave rescue. 

A unique set of skills has drawn an Aussie doctor into the rescue effort. 

Imagine needing an Aneisthetist, 'oxygen expert', who has 30 years scuba diving experience, but is also  a reknowned deep cave diver and explorer,  with world wide recognition who has previously participated in underwater rescue and retrieval missions.  
Probaby not too many of those around.   Lucky to find one right where and when needed.
cave diving is notoriously deadly...even for experts.

heroic stuff, this effort.

It will make a great movie.
Fuck yes. Only a couple to go. Sterling effort all round.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
All out safely, except for that poor bugger the other day. He ran out of oxygen which seems odd as he was laying a trail of spare oxygen tanks at the time ... ???

But the kids are all out.

Wait for the movie. All the attention paid to hiding them from the cameras indicates someone has cut an 'exclusive' deal.
Pity about Elon Musk's efforts not being needed.
He and his team banged out a unique mini-sub in 8 hours. Pretty incredible.


In the movie, who do you think will play the 25 year old soccer coach?

I'm fascinated with caves and springs. I've been to dozens of them.
The karst of northern Florida is home to an amazing underworld of passages that draw cave divers from all over the world.
The Suwanee watershed is thick with it.
It's an amazing river.

One spring Mary and I visited (Peacock Springs) has a chilling warning sign: 69 certified divers have died in that one cave system.
I met a guy there who had the ghastly job of retrieving the corpses.

A major issue in exploring such places is that it's all too easy to stir up fine sediment, and suddenly lose all visibility.
What a ghastly way to die.
I entertained the notions of a lot of careers in my naive youth, archeology, anthropology, Egyptology, even astronomy and veterinary medicine, alllll the cool stuff. All those dreams were dusted by lack of math circuitry.   Sad

Speleology was never a contender. Confused

I wouldn't even crawl in under the grans' house to retrieve a ball and it was 3 feet off the ground.  They laughed at me.

Exploring caves seems to me to be a glaring sign of insanity.

I've been to Jenolan Caves a couple of times.  Only did one 'tour' past the big open mouth of them.  I refused to go further when I was just a little kid so the affliction was around early, no idea what triggered it, don't recall ever being confined in a tight spot or anything.  Just hate low or narrow spaces.

A few of us from work did a day trip down to Jenolan.  2 of us were on night shift so the others came and picked us up from Central at 6am and we slept on the back seat on the drive down there.

Off we all went with the guide and a gaggle of other tourists.  Awesome caves, if you like that kind of thing.
There were only a couple of places we had to walk through single file so it wasn't exactly adventurous or dangerous or even scary to normal people.

But I was getting more and more freaked out and when I spotted a dot of daylight I fled!   Had to get out of there!
I heard someone running after me and it turned out to be the other girl I'd worked the night shift with.

When we got out we couldn't stop laughing.  We were both freaked out but didn't want the others to laugh at us.
She said when I took off that was her cue to do likewise.  Never been back there since.

I think perhaps that they were too well lit.  Including the roof!  The cavern I fled from was huuuuge!  Like a big amphitheatre it wasn't tight but it had a rock roof ferchrissakes!  I could see it!  With stalagtites hanging up there ready to drop on me and a million tones of rock waiting to fall in and ...  aagggghhh.  freakout.  Crazy.

But I have been a couple of kilometres down a coal mine and handled it okay.  If I can't see all the wall at once, or the roof, it's easier to ignore where I am.   I'm not scared of the dark, just confined spaces.
The miners lamps I was fine with, as long as I didn't look up and see the roof! ...  but when he put the headlights of the transporter on I had to look backwards,  couldn't look down that tunnel.   Odd kind of mental derangement is claustrophobia.   Confused

Heroes those fellas.  All of 'em! Reeeespect.

Ummmm, re Elon's grand gesture ...  what the hell use was a mini sub when one part of the passage was so narrow they had to take the scuba tanks off to wiggle through it??

Just another edition of the Lookitme Musk show?
In defense of musk, his mini-sub was very slender, and the passages were being widened.

I hate caves. Totally claustrophobic.
Because of that, i've been in at least 100 of them.
I hate fear.

There's several caves at the stankerosa.
One which I've yet to find the end of. But it involves crawling in tight passages. I hate that.

Down the road from here is the biggest cave system on Earth; Mammoth Cave. It's also a National Park

Strange, this hidden underworld beneath us.
Scares the shit out of me.
Me too! I find I can appreciate the awesomeness just fine from watching a video or looking at the pictures.
I don't need to be there.

I have an absolute addiction to things Antarctic. I love the ice formations and the colours in it and the grandness of the continent. I've tried to paint it. But I don't feel the need to be there. I hate the cold too.

But the sub. What was the point of it? Were they intending to stuff the poor kids into it like a bloody coffin and tow them out?? Dunno about you I find the thought of being confined in a metal tube far more terrifying than wiggling through those narrow bits under my own power.

Widening the passages? how? and for how long? and with what equipment? and at what colossal risk of life to the people involved in the operation? Was Elon going to go down and chip away at it with a rock hammer??

He's a total 'showboater'.
(07-10-2018, 10:04 AM)stanky Wrote:  In the movie, who do you think will play the 25 year old soccer coach?
[Image: band2.jpg?w=595]
the more you drive the dumber you get
He'd do it too!

Sad epilogue to the rescue efforts.

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