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The Vietnam War
The Ken Burns docu-series on the "Nam Era" is on netflix now; so I've been indulging in it. 

It's pretty damn great, imho. Endless archive footage and such; interviews; etc.

It begins with the usual colonization exploitation scenario. French.

They eventually lost heart for it. So to speak.

The 10 episodes are sequential.
Episode 7 nails my world at that moment. 
Very aware of the protests; already a fugitive.

I'm not proud about what i did...i never felt like i had a choice. No pride in that.

What's uncanny to me are some of the details of life back home at the time of shit like the MyLai massacre. Radical protestors turned aggressive. Weathermen, etc. I couldn't do that either.  But i was aware of it all. And the soundtrack. and a few dead friends.

and the socio-economics of war.

In Nam, Negroes died for 'our freedom' disproportionately. And were treated like shit, frequently. Confederate flags were common at U.S. bases. 

During the draft, if you had the smarts or money to get into college at 18, you could get a deferment.

But if you were a dumb fuck hillbilly redneck, with scant options, you were off to kill gooks for god, freedom, and the dang-ol' american-fucking way, bitches!

what struck me the most about this history documentary, is the de-ja-vu of it all.
Insane political corruption; cruelty; vast eco-system destruction; media propaganda; the election of Nixon and the insane collusion to effect an election...putting people in debt; creating divisiveness; war profits; black markets; confusion over who the enemy was or what the mission was...

it's the same today.
Except we don't need the draft anymore.

Poor kids; black, white, brown, red or yellow, will sign up.

Native Americans, %-wise, sacrificed the most in that war.
Fucking crazy.

Why? Because lots of kids in trouble with the law were given an option: jail, or the Army. That was the case with all manner of vets i know. Young Indian fucks are poor as shit. They'd like to get off the Rez.
Same like poor crackers in bumphuck.

War is a way to weed out horny young bucks.
It's a lot like hunting season or wildlife conservation.

Trump is the new Nixon.
Except Nixon had military service. Trump got deferments.

Remember when Clinton was referred to by the Right as "Draft-Dodger-in-Chief"?

Odd they don't call Trump that.
I like it hot and sticky - Di Wundrin
Money talks. The rest of us have little choice except to keep pickin' that goddamned cotton.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Nixon faced no combat.
That's cool. I guess. Most soldiers don't.

Most cops never fire their gun.

But he was hardly a hero.
Never said he was.
I like it hot and sticky - Di Wundrin
(07-04-2018, 06:34 PM)grayman Wrote:  Never said he was.

never said you said he was?

your turn.

but, yeah...great docu-series on netflix now (and likely elsewhere).
There was so much footage then. Something we've learned not to do anymore.

If we see heaps of bodies being tossed in  ditches; mostly young peasants;  we react poorly.

We're still up to the same shit, but the public isn't privy to the sight of it anymore.

The anti-war movement is dead.

On the msm, when's the last time you heard about the kills in Afghanistan?
Trump's personal scandals trump that.

we live in dangerous times.

we may be getting numb to senseless violence.

how horrible is that?
Quote:we may be getting numb to senseless violence.

how horrible is that?


It was a word used all of 20 years ago when the violent movies got to be blockbusters and the censorship on TV shows was relaxed but most of all when the nightly news stopped blurring out the bodies in war zones.
The final straw for the man who coined the phrase was the surge in ultra violent video games.  Which were pretty tame compared to some around now.

He warned that the people were being exposed to so much violence, concocted and factual, that they were becoming numb to it.  Losing sight of the line between fiction and factual violence.
They were undergoing the opposite of aversion therapy, they were being taught to ignore violence or to accept it as 'normal'.   The average citizen was becoming 'brutalized'.

There was a bit of outcry about him saying it, but I think he nailed it.  ... damned if I can recall who it was now.
(07-04-2018, 08:05 PM)stanky Wrote:  
(07-04-2018, 06:34 PM)grayman Wrote:  Never said he was.

never said you said he was?

your turn.

Your statement implies it (that somebody said Nixon was a hero).

Fact is, every rational thinking person who knows anything at all about that fucking wanker (Nixon) realizes he set the stage for Teh Orange Fucktard.  More damage and death to this world because of him and his Nazi buddy Kissinger than just about any other Umercan regime in history.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
[Image: 20180626_121812_zpshtpqlied.jpg]

selfie the FL took with our buddy Wakan last week.

He rebelled in 1967 by joining the US Marines, his tour of duty landed him in the bush in Vietnam in 1968. Coolest guy I know.
the more you drive the dumber you get
If he rebelled by joining the Marines in '67, WTF was he rebelling against?
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

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