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I would never advocate any drug use...especially the really cool ones.


I bumped into Hamilton Morris yesterday..hadn't heard of him before.
He's a nerdy sort of guy; knows his shit.

Very eloquent despite all the brain damaging effects of various substances he has 'experimented' with.
He seems to know some organic chemistry.
Me too.

I found no errors in his rap...which is highly unusual.

Check him out if you're bored:

He gives brain damage a good name, imho.
that was very good, thank you stanky.
the more you drive the dumber you get
I've been addicted to black market placebos for years.
Thank christ i found a shrink that prescribed me a real drug to deal with my problem.
When the urge gets really bad, i'll take two.

Sure, there's some side effects...
there always is.

At least I don't have to deal with any criminal elements.

and no, i didn't kill my shrink and his entire family, including that cute puppy.

so far, the cops don't know who did it, or why.

the more you drive the dumber you get
strangely beautiful
Could psychedelics transform mental health?
Crazy ain't what it used to be. - President Bush
That's been going on for a while.

I'd be prepared to lay heavy odds psychedelics prove exponentially better than some shit made by profiteers at drug companies.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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