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Alzheimer's Could be Just a Memory...
Astonishing find in AD research - a strong potential link with a member of the herpes virus.

This will require registration, but it's a 100% reputable site that doesn't share information and has outstanding research papers free:
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I'll register to take a good look at that,  bit of interest in Alzies at the moment on the Cuz front.   No not him, but he's just having a problem with the 2nd one in a year.   First his neighbour, and mate's, Dad who was a big jolly kind man went violent and dangerous within weeks.  Diagnosed with AD and banged into a secure facility and dead in around 4 months.

It doesn't usually all happen that fast from my knowledge of it,  but now Cuz's Mums old de facto, who still lives in the old house on the farm, is following the same path.  

He too is in his 80s and has been a bit ditzy, but then he was never as smart as he thought he was so that seemed normal.   Forgetting to lock the car, or feed the dog has been going on for years and didn't matter, no one was going to steal his old junker and the dog just came over to Cuz's when he got hungry.

But the other day Cuz went up to fix something at the old house early in the morning and couldn't find old Harry.
Or his car. Or the dog!   The missing dog was the hair raiser, he's  not a wanderer and Harry never took him anywhere with him,  so alarm bells rang and Cuz made some phone calls but nobody had seen Harry for a week.

He did a search of the farm, nothing, and then along the fire trail from the back of the holding and found Harry, wandering up the track,  with a small hatchet in his hand and cuts on his hands and arms. ...   wtf moment. Confused

He told Cuz "they've stolen the car"  .. who? ... those bastards in Sydney ... when how what? 

Seems he was on his way down to Sydney to pick up Cuz's mother who needed cash to pay for the cattle she'd bought and wanted him to bring the dog to help her with them.   
She's been dead for years and never bought cattle in Sydney!

Cuz spotted the car further up the track, in a ditch but not damaged and the dog was hanging around the car,  staying well out of reach of Harry.

Cuz took Harry back to the car as he was on a trail bike and couldn't get him back to the house on that. 

But he was careful to talk Harry into handing over the hatchet before he turned his back on him.  
Cuz said he had the strangest expression and he "wasn't there" so he was genuinely worried what old Harry might do with the hatchet.  

Anyway he came back with the ute and picked him and the dog up and got them back to the old house.
He let the dog out, and then kept driving to town with old Harry, straight to the hospital.   The old boy is still there, under watch, and won't be coming home.

I had no idea that AD could tip someone over the edge that fast.  

Last week he was driving to town to join his ballroom dancing group,  this week he's standing on a track with an axe and blood on him.
Neither Cuz, nor the hospital, could figure out where or how he got the cuts and he can't remember.  They're not from the axe, and aren't jagged like from barbed wire,  so wtf happened out there??   The dog's not talking either.

I'm intrigued, and Cuz's coming in for lunch today so guess what the main subject will be?

Just got a call from Cuz, they're watching Harry's kids up at the old house looting the joint. 
Families usually wait until the funeral to do that but seems the vultures are in early for Harry. 

None of them came out to the farm to visit him,  if there was something they wanted they'd meet him in town.
But they're all out there today.  I'm sure they only have his best interests at heart right?
Jeebus H. Christ.

This is why I never had kids.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Me too!! You only had to see Dad's sisters looting their mother's house after the funeral to be convinced.

They had boxes and bags in their cars to carry out everything they grab when they got back to the house.
That was the last day I ever spoke to any of my Aunts. They turned up at Dad's funeral but I ignored them.
The shit fight that day of Nanna's funeral was more than I could forgive.
Unfortunately it's not rare for families to do that stuff. Who needs it?
Kind of proud of my 3 siblings when Pa died.
He had a vast collection of stuff; for the most part, none of us wanted any of it.
He had several quality microscopes. I asked for one, and got it; promptly gave it to my grand sons.

My big sis is almost 80 now. She was the intellect of the gang; master's degree from Harvard, etc.
And now she's getting dementia. Really sad to see.

Pa was sharp as a tack at 95.
Ma had Alzheimer's and Parkinson's; killled her at 87.
Didn't know who I was.

Not sure what my fate holds.
Hopefully, something like a shark or bear attack.
Sorry to hear about your sister Stanky, it seems harder on the families than on the sufferers once they get past the point of recognizing what's happening.  

It's affecting more and more families, but perhaps because life spans are extended?  
Pres hasn't mentioned his brother lately, and I've stopped getting news about how Mum's cousin in Queensland is doing.  Her husband still emails links but never gives me any news on how Shirl is and I'm not sure whether to ask now as the last few times he never replied.  I fear it's not going well.

I'm grateful I missed that bullet with my parents, Mum was moody but sharp as a tack, it wasn't AD with her.  Dad died at 64.

Cuz and his sister had no problems when either of their parents died.  No fights, neither really wanted anything other  than a few keepsakes and Cuz took the tools and machinery as his sister had no use for them, she wasn't into farming and didn't need the money.  All went extremely smoothly and they're close as siblings can be. 

Cuz said when he was leaving Harry's sons were disconnecting the water pump from the house!  They've probably taken the kitchen sink by now. 

Cuz won't be saying anything about it as it suits him fine. He intends to bulldoze the house anyway, it's full of termites and useless to him.

They've just reduced the value of their share of any inheritance from Harry's share of the property by about 50 grand!  That's the replacement value for a new pump if they want to include the house in the valuation.  gets complicated.

They don't understand how the titles are set up and think old Harry owns that section of the farm when he's actually only holding a third share as joint tenant of the overall title. 

Cuz's sister had stitched her mother's will up as it was Harry who busted up the marriage, and moved in and never did a single hours work on maintaining the joint in all the years he lived there. 

He is owed nothing.  He's a waste of space and has been treated better by Cuz than he ever deserved to be. 
He never contributed a buck to it, but has a few hundred grand tied up in his own name so they'll have to settle for getting their hands on that.

Cuz owns 2 3rds of the property, he bought that outright from his mother.

Her third was then willed as 3 equal shares to Harry, Cuz and his sister.
So Harry's kids are going to get a surprise when Harry dies to find they only inherit one 3rd share of 1 3rd of the farm.  The house and land of that approx 100 acres will be valued and they'd then have to sell that share, not the title to all of it, to whoever would be silly enough to buy it knowing they have no say in how it would be used as they'd be voted 2 to 1 on any decisions.   
It would return no income at all if Cuz doesn't choose to use it for cattle, so it's no investment. They wouldn't be able to renovate or build a new house on it without permission so all they'd be buying is some grass.

So the more they devalue it, the less Cuz and his sister will have to pay to buy it off them.  They'll likely be the only people interested in it at all.  Bwaahahaha.

Silly boys, they should have paid more attention to their father and he may have set them straight on that.
They haven't even had the manners to call in on Cuz,  just drove past his house to get to the loot.  He can't wait until they get the bad news,  and has no intention of cutting them any slack. 

Harry won't fare well either, Cuz phoned the eldest son to bring him up to speed on Harry's condition and he was only interested in how much it would cost to get him into the local AD wing.   No intention of taking Harry down closer to where he lives,  about 4 hours drive away and zero chance of him ever coming back to visit him.   He's going to dump him and wait until he dies it seems.

Harry's kids resent him leaving their mother for Cuz's but think somehow that Cuz and his sister shouldn't feel resentment that he caused their father to lose the farm that Harry's been living on in the divorce settlement in the first place and that Cuz had to buy it back!   ... aahhh,  'relationships' ... who bloody needs that!?

I suppose it's good to know people like that are around, makes us appreciate the good ones. 
I think what happens is the decline is so slow that people don't notice it until they're quite well advanced. And often too late to take the Exit Bag, if that's their way of thinking.

My mate spent the last year of his life in a bed not knowing he was alive. The fact his body was so fit kept him alive far longer than his brain.

Horrible fucking disease.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Yes the decline may not be noticed but it's the relatively sudden change in personality that comes as a  shock.

Not all go that way, but 3 people I know personally have changed, in very short time, from being somewhat a little befuddled but still very passive, even timid people,  to becoming violently aggressive, or in Harry's case showing signs of it by carrying a hatchet around. Confused  

It doesn't happen to all, or even many of them but when it does it sure compounds the problems of caring for them.   They can't be kept at home in familiar surroundings as they are too dangerous to others. 
Their secure accommodation costs more than normal out of home care due to security issues. 
But perhaps the worst aspect is that having to be housed in unfamiliar surroundings traumatizes them more than normally applies.  They lose all contact with their former lives and go downhill really fast.

But whether the trauma of being held in secure and necessarily more isolated accommodation contributes to their seemingly faster slide into death,  or whether that form of AD is more likely to lead to faster demise anyway I don't know. 
Do they even die faster at all statistically?  Or is that just the impression I have??
 Cause and effect are a little hazy.

Most AD sufferers seem to remain passive, and can be cared for at home until they completely 'vegetate', but how do you pick which ones will develop a previously never seen violent streak??  

One thing for sure, the relative in Qld would have been the last person on Earth that I'd have suspected of violence.

  She was the most genuinely nice, kindest hearted person I've ever known.  I never heard her even disparage anyone, she always found the good side of everyone. 
Who'd have guessed she would scratch and bite and try to kill the husband she loved so much?  She still has/had (haven't heard how she is lately) good, calm days and the grandkids (young teens) are allowed to visit, closely watched, on those days but that 'streak' can't be overlooked for a moment.   What a shitty end to a wonderful life.

Stanky may have some experience with that side of it??
I don't know enough to comment a lot, but I agree the violence is a strange one. I guess it's people whose personality keep it in check, but when your brain turns to mush there's no brakes on it.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I think mine has turned to mush today, having trouble just staying awake. Got hayfever from something, buggered if I know what.

Can't even be bothered arguing politics. That's gotta be serious.

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