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Population reduction plan...
Pretty effective, but not being viewed favourably by the authorities:
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
My hospital of choice, when it comes to that.

Funny that it even makes the news.

a few old farts die a painless death?

meanwhile, a pharmaceutical company makes millions selling oxycontin to hillbillies?
And we remain at war in Afghanistan; home to the poppy; and the reason why cheap heroin is flooding our streets?

Oh wait...we don't officially know any of i take it back.

anyway, just fuck-off, all this phony news shit.

speaking of being a pissed off old lefty that reads, this crisis with the kids at the border in Texas has taken my country by storm.
Let me be the first to add 'gate' to it:

It's kiddie gate.
It's captured our hearts.

You know what hasn't?

all the fucking bombs we continue to drop on innocent kids all over the world. That never comes up.
We continue to drop bombs on kids; one every 12 minutes, on average.
We spent more than a trillion bucks killing one million kids in the middle east, for the purpose of selling weapons.
We killed way more than a million kids in Vietnam, for a similarly righteous cause that we aren't allowed to discuss.

What we do is kill children.
And never own up to it.

You can trace it back to the 40's when we dropped a few bombs on Japan...for very righteous reasons, of course...and a few kids got hurt.
Three or four. Whatever. Collateral damage.


It's almost always kids that are the victims of our insane violence.
We killed at least one million kids in North Korea, during that righteous war that we didn't quite win; bless our hearts.

so all of a sudden, America is all upset by these kids in cages at the border in limbo.

Yeah, it totally sucks.

What sucks way, way worse, to my mind, is that we aren't allowed to hear the back-ground story of why these refugees are at our borders.

Watch msm all day will never get a mention. Never. Feckin' never.

Covert military actions; death squads; over-throwing elected officials and shoving in right wing dictators to do our bidding there?
To exploit their resources?

Well, that stuff simply never happened.

Ask any American. They'll tell you.
We never did a thing to create the fucking nightmare that causes the refugee crisis.

We're the golden light of humanity.

United Fruit? Guatemala?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Nicaragua? What? did we do bad things there?
Haiti? Fuck off. We love Haiti. Cuba?
They're fucking communists, for fux sake! We tried to make them our wealthy whore house; ungrateful fucks.

and so on.

but generally speaking, Americans cant discuss history because they don't know any of design.

We aren't a country that drops bombs on children, right?

(06-20-2018, 01:44 PM)stanky Wrote:  but generally speaking, Americans cant discuss history because they don't know any of design.

Been watching full episodes ofthese on television:
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
That era, like most, was viewed differently from other angles and further distances.  

It's principle value to the history of OZ was that it was the catalyst that instigated the "birth of the OZ nation".  

The American aristocracy fucked the British aristocracy, and produced a brand new bouncing bawling penal colony. d'aawwww.

  .... btw .. Thanks for that.
 Sincerely and gratefully, whatever the real reasons for that Independence stoush, thank you for OZ! Heart

We didn't get a lot of American Independence history in the curriculum, and mainly because of it connection to our history. 
But what we did get was a tad differently presented to the version we saw in movies.  
The 'British' thing we couldn't quite get our heads around as America was no different in population mix than Australia was 20 to 50 years or so later.  

Pommy aristocracy pulling the strings,  the trades/merchant middle class powering the economy, the dregs, exported convicts, drunks, starving and dispossessd immigrants, carpetbaggers, and all round losers providing the workforce and lower classes.  

We, as kids, couldn't figure out who the hell was fighting who over there.  Later we wondered why it wasn't just called a class war, or civil war, which was closer to what happened according to our understanding of it all.  

To be honest, by the time we got to that in history classes we were already pretty well convinced that America's chief export was bullshit and all that Betsy Ross and Paul Revere stuff we rated on the same level as Superman and white hats in Western movies.  

History? Or jingoistic, fairy tale propaganda  to elevate a brutal conflict over power and money to the status of a virtuous battle for the freedom of mankind?
... while those same "freedom fighter"  patriots were keeping slaves of their own ... Huh
... do you still wonder why furriners found that confusing?   (and still do?)

Oh dear,  I just doubled checked that I got the Betsy Ross thing right and even her story is now called into question!

Quote:The main reason historians and flag experts do not believe that Betsy Ross designed or sewed the first American flag is a lack of historical evidence and documentation to support her story. No records show that the Continental Congress had a committee to design the national flag in the spring of 1776.

Betsy Ross flag - Wikipedia

I'm wondering now just how much of our 'history' is utter bullshit too,  I suspect every Nation is being fed an approved and redefined version of their own though. 

The more access we have to information, the less it seems we "knew."
"You can trace it back to the 40's when we dropped a few bombs on Japan...for very righteous reasons, of course...and a few kids got hurt.
Three or four. Whatever. Collateral damage."

That was WWII stank and should not be included in this discussion. Doubt it? Take it up with all who died on the Arizona, the Bataan Death March and others.

Otherwise, you're way off base with that one.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

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