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Where the hell are you?
(06-12-2018, 06:29 PM)sparks Wrote:  Time for a new Mac?

holding out for the futuristic mc-mac.
(06-12-2018, 09:03 PM)The Atheist Wrote:  
(06-12-2018, 06:30 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Geeeze one of them is an absolute babe!  6'4" and looks like he should be lead in a movie.  siiiiigh.   Heart


I can't think of any other woman whose thought processes would've gone there.

which is why she is my fantasy cyber-babe.

darling...i would never hit on you in a corporeal world.

i'm not matt lauer or bill clinton.

i totally respect hot chicks.
the gates on gated communities actually work in favor of criminal behavior.
it gives two signals to those that think like criminals, which i can do, even though i aren't one...

one the people behind the gates have stuff

two....the cops aren't in there.

bonus point three...

the people in there are very sleepy, for the most part, are very sleepy.

if i wanted stuff bad enough to rob people, i would work gated communities exclusively.

it's analogous to the way in which nukes protect us.

at some point, defense becomes offensive...and counter-productive.

just give them all your stuff...
at some point, it will have no value...except in that they won't try to rob you anymore.

'stuff' has negative value. i think we've officially arrived there.

jesus was onto something regarding 'stuff'.
(06-13-2018, 02:54 AM)sparks Wrote:  And the only way to get their minds right is with some high velocity lead poisoning.

Channelling the NRA there, mate?
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
In the interest of facts, I have to admit that is a real possibility. Not happy about it, but I'm also not happy about a sack full of assholes with the balls to break into someone else's home. Also really unhappy about the notion that the sack full of assholes, if caught, are likely to get a slap on the wrist and once back on the street, are back to their old ways overnight.

This shit has got to stop. And if the sack full of assholes believed they'd get shot at and possibly killed for their trouble, I bet they'd think twice about it.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Gonna wade in muddy waters here but ... there's a pattern in the burglary peaks around here that has little to do with the character of the bastards doing it and everything to do with why there's a fluctuating over supply of them.

"Prisoner advocacy" pixies pushing their pretty sparkly Rehabilitation barrow.

Peaceful country towns are scanned for accommodation potential for rehousing releasd jailbirds back into society so they can live "normal lives" without the locals knowing their histories.

Nice for the cons, not so great for the unsuspecting local people who are then preyed upon.

There's an old motel in town that has been used as a halfway house for the dregs of Sydney and Newcastle.
They move them in, give them the map to the nearest dole, sorry, 'welfare', centre and leave them to enjoy the surroundings that we plebs worked our whole lives to afford to retire to.
They're housed within a short stroll to the beach and shopping centre so they spend the day on the beach and feed their drug habit by robbing the surrounding retirement villages at night.

Cuz phoned this morning to see if I was traumatized by the latest attempt, no, but we got talking and he said there's been tools and such vanishing from farm sheds in his area and they've nailed the cause.
A spare house on one farm close to a nearby town was leased to these pixies for 'rehabilitation accommodation'.
3 ex cons are living there but no one was notified.
But they know now, and these blokes are gonna find a very different reception from local farmers than they get from frail scared oldies.

We are left to wonder how many peodophiles are among these rehabilitation experiments. There has been a surge in reports of schoolkids being accosted by 'strangers' in the region so I'd put a dollar on there being a few in the 'rehab' mix.

It's a brilliant, humanitarianly virtuous scheme which I'm sure bestows the warm and fuzzies upon those pixies in Sydney who are killing two birds with one stone.
They get to preen on the high moral ground and they remove any threat to their own local habitat by sending the predators to other hunting grounds.

To further compound the problem, said pixies don't understand the tribal issues among the Kooris in those little towns.
There are a few Kooris in the ex con mix that are sent to towns that are not their home 'country/territory'.

They are even more isolated from society than the white ones as they don't fit in with either white or black local culture.
The local Kooris shun them and are more suspicious of them than the whites are.

The local Koori resent them intensely because they know that whites as a rule don't understand that it's not 'them' that are doing this, it's Kooris from a different tribe, but we whites just blame all Kooris in general.

It's a kind 'racism' within the wider understanding of it. There's much wringing of hands over the ratio of Kooris in jail and a lot of it well aimed. But not all Kooris in jail don't deserve to be there. That's like saying no white people should be locked up because some are just stupid.

The worst of the Kooris are as hated by their own family/tribe as by anyone else. They won't have them back in their area so they are sent to other tribes' areas which exacerbates the problems.

This is not about black v white btw, for the Americans who immediately leap to that conclusion, it's about explaining a part of a problem that the 'advocate' pixies in the big cities simply fail to see at all. It doesn't make any difference to white crims where they go but it has tremendous impact on Kooris. With them it's more tribalism than racism.

Koori issues are a very touchy subject at the best of times but on this resettlement/rehabilitation thing the local Kooris and Whites are in perfect harmony. We don't want them! Black OR white!
They don't come from here so don't bring them here.
Keep in the cities where they don't inflict as much damage at least on a per capita basis.

NIMBY only seems to apply to those who object to others offloading their problems onto them. Aren't the Sydney pixies being NIMBY about sending them away?

anyway that's enough rant, ready to chase down some brekky.
(06-13-2018, 12:02 PM)sparks Wrote:  This shit has got to stop.  And if the sack full of assholes believed they'd get shot at and possibly killed for their trouble, I bet they'd think twice about it.

Not so sure here.

When cattle rustlers were hanged, there were still cattle rustlers.

My great-great uncle was publicly whipped for stealing a pie to feed his family. He knew that was a possibility. Didn't stop him.

Crime's going to happen, but we need to nip it in the bud, not create more crooks. The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff has failed, and failed miserably.

(06-13-2018, 05:03 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  There's an old motel in town that has been used as a halfway house for the dregs of Sydney and Newcastle.


Unless we English-speaking countries get to grips with how to deal with the dregs of society, these problems will only get worse. That exact scenario is being played out here, but of course, being NZ, we put ours in actual motels at a cost of about $1500 a week to the taxpayer. They attract far higher rates than tourists, because they trash the joint.

Some people here are making wads out of it.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Here too! That old motel would have cost him a motza to demolish and rebuild but he's getting better income than running it as a motel! It's a prime piece of property, on a hill with 180 degree view over the river and beach. He'll sell it for millions eventually for land value, and he's probably not even getting burgled. I heard he doesn't live around here.

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