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me too, in degrees:
I think we may need to differentiate the crimes of someone like Garrison Keillor, or Al Franken, or even Louis C.K.; all people that had their lives destroyed over relatively minor infractions and improprieties of a vaguely sexual nature, with other people that actually raped people.

Lumping it all under one banner does us all a disservice.

As a young heterosexual male that women found attractive, for whatever reason, I suffered unwanted sexual advances; often by inebriated college girls.
Was I traumatized by it?

Hell no. I was a guy. If anything, it was a boost to my self esteem. A chick wants to do me, and I'm not that into her; she gets mildly aggressive about it; I never fear for my life; it's vaguely awkward; she goes home; that's that...and I don't even need to seek a therapist.

The flip side is the problem...guys being overly aggressive with women, in a sexual way. 
Oddly, the significant difference in scenarios demands our acceptance of the difference between males and females...which, in an exaggerated politically correct way, is sexist.

Yet, for the time being, we generally accept the fact that men are stronger than women and are capable of over-powering them in a physical way. Never mind transgendering for the moment, or obscure cases of older women 'raping' young boys...

For the most part, rape is something that males do to females. Against their wills. Or, at least, without their consent.

I think we need some type of rating system for the degrees of criminal intent in this touchy territory.

I figured I may as well tackle this subject matter, if only because I'm not that busy, and I have a way with words on a good night...and someone needs to do this; may as well be an old dude that is quite stanky:

I just lost my second post with a mere touch of a wrong key.
I hate when that happens.

I had layed out the first five categories, which was difficult enough, and suddenly, Poof! Gone!

Perhaps in the morning I'll have enough ambition to re-write it. But for now, I'm too aggravated. I was just technologically raped. It happens; I always hate it; I get over it after a while.

I can't imagine what this magical key is that I touch accidentally that manages to erase my efforts without a trace, but it happens on a regular basis.
(Di knows of what I speak. It's singularly irritating. Especially when I've put some effort into a post.)

I'll get over it. But damn! So aggravating!
Hate it when that happens! It's always the best ones that get zapped.

Yeah, rewrite it as it's a subject that vexes me too. Too much of the issue has been hijacked by peer pressure which is over riding a lot women's common sense at the moment.
Write in a Word doc and then import the doc... or suffer the outrageous fortunes of the webz. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Using the Preview Post every so often saves it and then you can use the back button and retrieve most of it. (works most times.)

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