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Looking Left
I've recently discovered Thomas Sowell.  guessing he's none too popular?

Seems to make some sense to me.  Not all of it, too far to starboard even for me on some things, but ....

"People don’t usually grow up when there are other people who make excuses for their immaturity."

5:39 AM - 23 May 2018

"The left takes its vision seriously — more seriously than it takes the rights of other people. They want to be our shepherds. But that requires us to be sheep."

That's probably what pisses me off most with Labor/Greens etc,  they want control.  They don't offer opportunities they offer only what they deem to be "good for us."  

They didn't start out like that, but it's where they are now.  I find their Nannying attitude both patronising and  oppressive.   (not to mention hypocritical)  ...  But that must be just me.

How 'wrong' is he with most of these pearls of wisdom?

Or have a listen?
(05-26-2018, 08:08 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  I've recently discovered Thomas Sowell.  guessing he's none too popular?

Never heard of him until today, but you'd be right on the popularity point.

(05-26-2018, 08:08 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  How 'wrong' is he with most of these pearls of wisdom?

I'll start at the top of the Twitter page you gave, so you can tell I'm not cherry-picking:

Quote:"One of the bittersweet things about growing old is realizing how mistaken you were when you were young. As a young political leftist, I saw the left as the voice of the common man. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Shows an incredibly self-centred view of the left. Even in America I'd have expected him to have heard of Jeremy Corbyn. There are ample examples of left and socialist governments around the world that prove his statement is nonsense. Even if his "analysis" is based on purely USA's left, he still gets 0/10, because I hink Bernie might be an exception.

Quote:"Some in the media seem to think that a noble cause justifies withholding facts on the other side."

I don't think that knowledge is rare or hard to acquire. 0/10

Quote:"The assumption that spending more of the taxpayers' money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse."

Holy crap, with the above on 0/10, this one requires several million points in the negative. Absurd nonsense, and completely against all of the actual evidence. I notice he doesn't try to offer any. Fuck's sake, has the man never driven an interstate? Built by tax dollars, and now the neglect of American infrastructure by federal tax dollars is biting across the entire country. Marshall Plan? UK penal tax rates in the '60s?

That Tweet is downright idiotic, and all the evidence across the globe shows that spending tax dollars improves the lives of ordinary people, and in particular the working classes. Is this bloke Sean Hannity in blackface?

Quote:"Recognizing the equal humanity of all peoples, and a need to treat everyone with decency and compassion, is very different from insisting on a dogma that their performances are all equal."

Very good. Again, not a genius-level statement, but just declaring the bleeding obvious.

Quote:"When you consider what an enormous windfall gain it is to be born in America, it is painful to hear some people complain bitterly that someone else got a bigger windfall gain than they did."


He's Uncle Tom, that's all. I wonder if he's ever spoken to another black dude, coming out with that. Utter lunacy disproved by even the most cursory glance at history, economics (isn't he an economist?) and the daily results of the US justice system. He should go for a walk outside every now and then.

I don't see the need to go much further - the guy is full of shit, and I used the Hannity pejorative carefully. He comes across as exactly the same type of cheerleader for capital C Conservatives: say anything that adds to your side without any regard for reality.
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