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This is how you run a business.  heh heh.


Me: I was doing an overnight at a hotel away from home. So I
took my computer down to the bar to do some data entries.
I sat down at the bar and I asked the bartender ‘What’s the
wifi password?’

Bartender: You need to buy a drink first.

Me: Okay, I’ll have a beer.

Bartender: We have Molson’s Canadian on tap.

Me: Sure. How much is that?

Bartender: $8.00.

Me: Ok. Here you are. What’s the wifi password?

Bartender: youneedtobuyadrinkfirst No spaces and all lowercase.
I've been in a few bars with the precursor to that - a Maori special.

You have a plaque prominently displayed on the wall behind the barman with WYBMABIITY writ large on it.

Of course, the punter asks what it means.

Maori barman says "Will you buy me a beer if I tell you?". Tourist forks out $5...
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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