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Distrubing new trends
Mass Hysteria

Not an entirely new trend, but one that seems to have taken unconscious hold on people over the past two generations. In the past, if someone smelt something odd, it would be laughed off as "Bruce just farted", or, "It's that fucking Bhupinder's curry!", and life would go on.

Here's a handy example of what happens in 2018: People rushed to hospital after "gas leak".

Now, being 2018, when the cops & fire brigade found no source of the "gas", the army were called in. Given they're responsible for the country's response to gas terrorist attacks, I'd be willing to bet my life they would have found any residue of the gas, if it existed.

They found nothing, and the story has died off already, mainly because Qantas don't want everyone laughing at their staff.

The building has an enclosed air-conditioning system, with all floors fed through the same intakes. The chances of anything being introduced to a specific set of floors in the building is very, very remote and would require both know-how and being able to enter into the service areas of the building. (I know a lot about HVAC) CCTV shows nobody entering the service areas anyway.

This leaves the inescapable conclusion that it was an outbreak of mass hysteria.

Another Kiwi case, which has completely disappeared from news pages is about six months ago a kid threw up in a school swimming pool. In my day, the other kids just got out and carried on. Today, the other kids screamed and panicked, causing about 20 more to puke in or around the pool. Again, hospitals and fire brigades were involved, and the fire brigade found nothing unusual at play. Mass hysteria for certain.

Excellent piece on the subject here:


I do more walking than most people - aside from behind a mower! - partly due to walking the brat to & from school. It's just under 1 km to the school, so no great hardship, and very pleasant on a crisp autumn morning. On even the nicest days, we walk past snowflakes being loaded into cars to be driven half the distance we walk. On really wet days - like yesterday, when it was bucketing down - we are generally the only people walking. We get there much faster than the cars, and most likely just as dry, since we have equipment that stops us getting wet, while the moron parents who drive let their kids run in without rain gear.

Another side of walking is that I am a big unit on the footpath, and people with half a brain get the fuck out my way, because on the way back from school I walk at my usual speed, which is quite fast. Every morning I stop when I'm about to bowl some kid over.

When I was a kid it was a firm rule that kids get the fuck out of adults' way. Now, they just keep walking, expecting the adult to step on the grass. I see mums doing this every day, but I certainly won't change my line. The only concession I make is that I stop rather than barge into them. When I'm walking down a main street with lots of pedestrians, if there's a group of teenagers or older spread across the path, I don't stop, and have sent any number of people bouncing off me.

This stuff is so obvious, yet walking etiquette appears to have died out completely. I'm on a one-man mission to teach the world this one.

Road Rage

I've been driving for a few years, so I think I have a pretty good handle on how behaviour's changed over the past four decades, and there's no doubt in my mind that people are more pushy, less patient, less courteous, and much quicker to anger than they were in the '70s & '80s.

Is it just increased volume? Maybe, but I don't think that explains the rage. I had a very pleasant young Chinese bloke I'd just go a job for send me an email saying he was turning down the job because he was going back to China. Aside from costing me five grand, I wanted to know what made him change his mind. Turned out that on the way home from the interview he got the job at, he did a minor tail-end bump into a car in front of him. Quite happy to pay the damage, he hopped out to talk to the other driver.

Who proceeded to beat the shit out of this 50kg Chinese teenager.

What kind of rage do you need inside you to do that? Attracting a criminal charge for assault against getting your fixed seems pretty fucking stupid to me, and this kind of thing is happening every day. The really sad part is that women have become every bit as stupid and impatient drivers as men. All the time I see women, protected by a gigantic SUV, driving like they were lifting the siege of Stalingrad in a T34 tank.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

This is pure gold - Auckland was looking to reduce emissions by shortening flight approaches to the city. Even in a short trial, 250,000 kg worth of carbon was saved, so there are definitely reasons to do it.

Except that, as a result of the barest-imaginable increase in sound levels over rich cunts' houses, the flight path has had to be lengthened.

The irony that the same rich cunts are the prime source and beneficiaries of the aircraft income isn't lost on me at all.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
If you find yourself in one of the better American ghettos, on foot,you might want to alter your behavior.
Unless you're bullet proof. What works in Auckland would fail in Chicago.

I get what you mean about cars and manors...that steel 'exo-skeleton' and the horse-power bring out the worst in people.
Mary is tiny and very polite, but in her car, she'll often get in a New York state of mind. It cracks me up.
She'll suddenly yell at an old farmer going to slow:

"Move it, Pops!" or
"Out of the way, dirt-bag!"

For what it's worth, I never do that. Never felt the need.

Even though i'm in shit shape these days, my mind still thinks I'm an athlete; physical confidence in confrontations.
I think I figured I could afford to be gentle.
(I don't think I was a pussy;more like a dancer.)

Some of the real ass-holes I've encountered over the years were expressing an insecurity; often in front of their girl-friend.
Funny how seldom the girl-friends were impressed by the display.
(05-23-2018, 03:04 PM)stanky Wrote:  Funny how seldom the girl-friends were impressed by the display.

Things some guys need to understand: women are not often impressed by your fighting or drinking prowess.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
In my experience, they seem to appreciate when guys pretend to listen to them.

(That was a sexist joke, btw.)

with a modicum of truth tossed in.

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