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Thread for me & Di, as the only two people interested in the game.

Cats v Swans today.

I know where you'll be! Got ya flag ready? (My Mrs is a Cats supporter, so one of you will be happy later on!)

Meanwhile, my Carlton go 6 out of six! Losses...
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Ha! I intended to ask if you heard the cracking noises over there!

It was the sound of half of Geelong's entire population's hearts breaking!

It was a beeeooodiful thing.

Nothing better than hearing bloody Victorian commentators getting closer to tears, and watching the wind leaking out of Victorian spectators when they're getting cheeky about being in front.

Bwaaa hahaha.

That was a hell of a finish! They don't call the Swannies the comeback kids for nuthin'.

No Buddy? No problem.

Sorry for Mrs TA, tell her I said to cheer up. "Cheer cheer the red and the white!"

... I'm an evil bitch.

Carlton? seriously?
Funny damned game, the Swans didn't score a point for about half an hour and looked like they were dead in the water. I have to say the Cats didn't do themselves any favours by missing several absolute sitters from free kicks. Shit, there were a couple I'd have handed to the 8yo that went wide.

Deserved win for your boys, though - they stuck with it and came right at the right time.

The Carlton thing goes back to when I was playing rugby a few centuries ago. I played for Carlton in Auckland, so was naturally attracted to Carlton AFL. They play at the G, and at that time - late '70s, early '80s, they were the top side by miles. Hard work nowadays...
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I'd given up on them in that 3rd Qtr, I think they were about 22 behind then but there's always that little spark of hope as they reminded me of the team they were a few years back when Paul Roos was coaching.  

They weren't the biggest or fastest but they were trained for endurance more than any other team in AFL at the time.  
They'd come out fast and a clock a few points then slacken off and let the other side wear themselves out catching up, and getting in front.  The other team would get all excited about it, then get arrogant, and careless. 
It was psychological warfare.

By the time they realised the Swans had gone up a couple of gears as the clock was running down they were too buggered to stop them.
They should have been called the Cardiac Kids cos their games usually came down to the last few minutes and they often won, or lost, by only a point or 2.

I remember the commentators at the time never wrote them off and i think it was Commetti who dubbed them the Comeback Kids .. or kings.

It seems 'Horse' Longmire has them trained the same way, that last quarter burst was like a blast from the past.
It was hard to believe that they were all different players from the old team of the 90's 00's.  Same tactics and sizes.

Longmire did a good job in rejigging both the team and the 'play' to adjust for Buddy and Hannaberry being out.

Made my day.

Funny how we adopt 2nd teams,  mine was the Lions for a while but mainly because of the Qld rels so we'd have something to talk about.  But then it was Essendon Bombers, mainly for the coach, loved old Kevin Sheedy, what a character, and probably the smartest coach evva.

He left his mark on the GWS Giants.  He started them from scratch and established their 'culture' and they're looking like making it to top any time now.

But I can't be a fan,  just wouldn't seem right somehow.  'Local derby' and all that crap. RolleyesCoolBig Grin
(04-28-2018, 03:10 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  By the time they realised the Swans had gone up a couple of gears as the clock was running down they were too buggered to stop them.

Yep, that's exactly what happened to the Cats yesterday.

I swear there was a tear in the eye as the Mrs watched her beloved Patrick Dangerfield unable to do a thing to stop the tide of red.

I gotta say, no matter who you support, that last quarter was one of the best bits of sport you'd see in any game.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I'm admitting to be an objectifying sexist about the AFL lads. I doubt I'd recognize any of 'em close up, I just admire the bodies. Those boys are built!
Big game on tomorrow. Gold Coast v. Port Adelaide. Normally they'd get 8,000 if they were lucky but they're expecting a viewing audience of at least 10 million and the stadium is completely sold out.

They're playing in Beijing!

No doubt about the AFL people, they know the marketing game. They sent a couple of teams last year and were amazed at the interest in it in China. Imagine what the TV rights would be worth. Go fellas.

Swannies are playing tomorrow, did you catch last weeks match? Another cliff hanger but at least they won that one by a couple of points. They were unlucky to have lost by a couple the week before.
Buddy is back this week so that'll take the pressure of some of the new boys, but sometimes I think they pay him too much attention instead of going for it themselves. We'll see.
Baseball season here.

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Different game to NRL,  no helmets, no padding, no wusses.  Big Grin

... and what's baseball?
who's george carlin is the question now.

america is hi-jacking this thread.

(America! Fuck Yeah!)

matt and trey wrote that. i'm merely their humble servant.

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