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The New Arms Race
A lot of people seem to be unaware that we are in the midst of a hidden arms race.

Luckily for the great unwashed, terrorists are so fucking thick there's only been one example of the best close-quarter method, and that was in Syria.

This all-new, 21st century arms race is being fought on three fronts - digital, hypersonic, and a real oldie that a bit of new technology is helping out with.


The digital front is the most boring, and should be the easiest to counter, because even a couple of thousand years ago people like Aesop figured that putting all your eggs in one basket wasn't that fucking smart. For anyone who missed Aesop, Sagan lived long enough to be part of the digital world and said:

Quote:“We've arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.”
How much more true is that in 2018? Fuck me, if the power's out, everything grinds to a halt. We've already reached a time where a complete loss of internet would fuck the world up beyond belief.
Into this mix of shady hackers trying to find a magic bullet to take the other side's digital capacity out, remember that the Russians are taking an awful lot of interest in undersea cables.
Even a mad cunt like Vlad knows they cannot begin to compete with America on spending, so it's pretty handy when the natural evolution of humans creates an opening at very little cost, and potentially utilising the one bit of Russian/Soviet materiel that isn't in bad shape: the sub fleet. After the Kursk, it became expedient for Putin to tip some of the stolen billions into subs and that plan is coming together nicely for him.
Along with that, the side-show in the digital world is AI.
You can ban all the types of robot warrior you like, and academics can cry in their spirulina all day, but there is no evidence that any nation has ever followed the rules on WMD, torture or genocide just because a Dutch court says it's naughty, and you can bet the last dollar you own that there will be autonomously-operating, armed machines on a battlefield near you shortly. If SK is on it, they won't be the only ones, and if China is doing it, they're not about to tell CNN.
Despite claims by China & Russia that they've cracked the hypersonic riddle, I remain unconvinced. Physics hasn't changed since the 1960s, and unless one of them has come up with something everyone else missed, I'd need to see some solid evidence that they really can get something to travel long distance at 3000 kmh+.
Old Theme, New Twist
IED drone swarms are top of this list. We've seen at least one example of a drone swarm attack - in Syria, oddly used against Russian forces:
As you can see from the picture, the drones are distinctly low-tech, with the only tech they're using being the guidance system. That's the sort of thing you could knock up in an hour or two on parts bought at your local hobby shop. Very hard to detect and impossible to defend. These dumb terrorist fucks are so in love with explosive the idea of using phosphorus hasn't even occurred to them yet. That's where I'd be headed - cheap, inexhaustible and untraceable supply.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
good points.

In the U.S., imho, the arms race is driven more by corporate profit than anything logical.
Those tomahawk missiles we recently lobbed into Syria, for no apparent reason, made a few people a shit ton of money.

Check out the change in stock value of the big five weapons contractors since 2011...they sky rocketed.
War profiteers aren't concerned with the outcome. Those missiles generate 2 million bucks a pop.
They also create jobs. The last thing they want is peace on Earth.

iirc, General Dynamics made subs; nuke powered ones. Sales fell off, so they've branched out into health care.
Health care is the big oil of the future.

The notion of rules in war is laughable, as you point out.
Our nukes are beyond pointless, unless we intend to use them, which would be insane.
The real vulnerable places are the cyber grid, food supply, and medical readiness for bio-weapons.
Biology could deliver the best bang for the buck by far, in terms of actual war outcomes.
But there isn't much money to be made in it.
Chemical weapons are a bit more clumsy, but a bargain compared to the alternatives.
The U.S. has the most chemical weaponry by far, and we sure as hell aren't afraid to use it. We drenched Vietnam with chemical weapons; we still spew depleted uranium hither and thither.

Our bloated military hasn't had any victories since it became bloated.
But it has made some people very rich.
Thanks for the above posts.  
I was losing focus on why I'm so negative and cynical.  
You two have reminded me.

...ruined my day but thanks for the reminder anyway.  UndecidedSad
Wanna hear a joke?
This neutron walks into a bar....
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Someone ask about a joke. ?

Here's something I've just spotted that cracked me up. ... quite apt too, now the the Donald is on the verge of bringing Rocket Man under his wing by promising to supply him with greatest and huuuuugest medals evva .... sorry ....

[Image: 7802923NK_magnet.PNG]
Irony demands iron in the medals.

(hate to shit on a joke, but i do respect magnets.)

I'm just jealous. I have no medals. I scored a few ribbons long ago, and one trophy, but I lost them.

Maybe those extremes of decoration act as bullet proof vests?
Here's an old TED talk by Malcolm Gladwell; an insightful egg-head, in my opinion:

The subject matter is David and Goliath, and the notion of the under-dog.
He also goes into the history and uses of the 'sling', which was actually a devastating weapon...especially against a cumbersome opponent overly invested in a certain type of combat.

Check it out if you have the time. I think it may speak to today, and who is Goliath and who might be David.

History is entertaining stuff, and we aren't often taught any of the relevant least I wasn't; not in school, certainly.

In the history of empires and their collapses, a common feature of their demise is an over investment in military.
Yet here, we cling to our faith in a vast military the point of bankrupting almost everything else.

It's such a sacred cow in the U.S., even the so called left is afraid to challenge it for what it actually is.
It's our Achilles Heel.
It makes us weak and vulnerable in a strange way.
Our obsession with thermo-nuclear devices has left us with some nearly untenable waste disposal issues, as seen in Hanford and some other sites.

I'm a peace-nk, for sure.
But if I was the opposite, I would still be critical of the nature of our war machinery. It may be 'smart' but it's simultaneously stupid.
It's cumbersome. It drains our resources with little gain, minus the profits of a very few that oddly, have no sense of patriotism.

If I was to express these ideas in my local theater, i would be mocked and even threatened by the new followers of Christ.

In fact, I recently tried. It caused some hub-bub. Crazy people came out of the wood-work.
I don't think I'm particularly un-brave...but I have come to notice the hopelessness of appealing to the rationality of those they have drank that rarefied Kool-Aid of no return.

It's not so much about brain-washing in's about the narrowness of the flavor of the wash.
There is nearly a single source of information for a large group of people in the U.S.
They tend not to stray beyond that perimeter.
I suppose it's human nature.

The reason why I'm such a messed up anomaly, i believe, is because i had a weird dad that fostered my child-like curiosity...which I think is a universal aspect of the human condition...until it is stomped into submission, via whatever nasty agenda manages to get that boot on the neck of curiosity.

The stankerosa is rich in ancient fossils; pre-land animal era; 350-400 million years ago.
Or if you like, 6000 years ago.

I've met plenty of the 6,000 years ago types. Most of them are decent folks; not very educated; religious, etc.

What is disturbing is that some of them, or at least some phony champions of them, are now in high office here.
Our new head of NASA is a climate denier, for instance. Our VP, possibly soon to be President, eschews to some retarded rhetoric.
He's either an idiot, or a vicious liar and fake.

I see now that I've done a rambling rant here.

Evidently, I lack a drop of discipline.
And they deflect Atomic Rayz!!11Eleventy Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(04-20-2018, 01:45 PM)stanky Wrote:  In the U.S., imho, the arms race is driven more by corporate profit than anything logical.

Which is exactly why USA is coming 2nd or 3rd in each of those fields right now.

Who's going to spend money on developing a drone swarm capable of delivery 100 tiny bombs when you can drop one missive fucker that will kill everything for 50 miles?

If the rest of the world chose to use Reagan's Cold War strategy by forcing USA to move to the new arms race I reckon we could bankrupt the place in a decade.

I've constantly been surprised USA hasn't invested more in autonomous robots - the entire history of the place has been about the 10:1 death ratio, and droids could increase the ratio even more. Maybe some of the generals still about are familiar with The Terminator & War Games the movie.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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