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Hockey Here Tonight
(01-28-2019, 09:28 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  There would probably be a two up game break out down here.Rolleyes

Do they still play that?

Fun game with beer.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Probably dying out among the younger gens, although a lot of young people go the RSL clubs on ANZAC day to play it with their grand dads.

It's only legal to play it for that one day of the year in NSW which is kind of an 'only in Oz' thing.

I heard it's still a big thing in places like Kalgoorlie where they turn on games for the tourists, don't know if betting is legal but if it wasn't there wouldn't be any point in putting on the game.

We used to play it in the yard when we were kids, couldn't understand what was illegal about it. But there you go we didn't have any double headers or weighted coins. I think it was probably made illegal due to the amount of fights that broke out rather than the legality of the gambling.
Boyfriend Elbows Girlfriend in the Head to Catch Hockey Puck — Then Gives It to Another Woman!
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
I admire the form of a puck.

Did you know it has 1001 uses?

I've thought of 3 so far.
Greatest favour he could have done her!
She's having that Puck You! moment early enough to be rid of him and move on.
Funny, i thought he was being generous.

For all we know, his girlfriend already has 5 or six pucks.
And the elbow might have been accidental.

A few recent news stories should tell us that jumping to conclusions is wrongidy wrong wrong..

Although, i still think the maga hat kid was a creep.
And the old Indian was accused of lying about his military service. But he actually didn't do that. The idiot journalist did that.
He was in the army, but didn't go to Nam. Nor did he ever say he had.

And that creepy kid from that creepy private religious school, is still a creepy kid. And private religious schools are still creepy.
And he may get some money from the creepy Washington Post which is now owned by the creepy Jeff Bezos....the richest guy ever, that pays no taxes.

So we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Even the second conclusions.

That old Indian guy probably won't get his land back. He was tarnished unfairly. And the snotty little prick might get some money.

happy ending for all.
Did you watch the video?? The bastard said it on film. Years ago. That he'd served there. Look at it again.

And please don't use that stolen land angle on an Aussie, we've already given 1/3rd of the country (roughly a million square miles) back to them, their 'tribal lands.' If we gave them the lot they'd go after claiming Buckingham Palace.
Who could blame them?

Did you give them Sydney?

We give ours wastelands, for the most part.

(I still think the kid is creepy.)
Parts of it yes, and yes a lot of the titles are in the desert regions, complete with mining rights and the royalties that roll in with them. Also they've had big stretches of the east and west coast granted as native title. Tourist stretches, not all just crap bits. They own a heap of prime real estate just in this town under native title, and also outright as purchased holdings.

Just last week they were 'gifted' possibly the most expensive half acre of real estate in town.
It's worth a million as land value. A long riverfront tract with killer views.
There was a 100 + year old house on it and nothing else. A bloke bought it to build his dream on but the deal was that the old house had to be preserved but moved to another place. While digging out the foundations to lift it they found a skeleton.
Cops lost interest when time of death was dated to 750 years ago, but the Koori's interest was piqued and they slapped a lien on the whole shebang.

It was going to cost the taxpayer (free legal aid to the Kooris) and the owner more than the value of the land to defend the native title claim as a "sacred burial site" so the government gave the owner his money back and handed the titles over to the Kooris whose sole claim to ownership of the land was a skeleton that nobody knew or missed or gave a toss about. It it had been found out in rocky crappy ground out of town they wouldn't have swatted the flies off it.

Sorry to be cynical matey but it really is a very cynical game. This ain't Murrica.
The local Kooris have no idea if it was even one of their tribe or got washed down in a flood from an inland tribe. Nor do they want a DNA test done in case he isn't.

There was no sign of 'foul play' so he wasn't treated as 'sacred' or given any respect when he died. Maybe he was a thief from another tribe and the locals drowned him and left him there?? Who will ever know? . it wasn't a ceremonial interment so the likelihood that it was someone from another tribe grows.

But ... they got their claim. Pragmatism won the day. They did a bit of a 'ceremony' down there (It's only 150 metres from my unit, so I heard it) A few of the stirrers got tarted up in war paint and did a bit of corrobaree shuffle I'm told, and some busker played the didgeridoo for 5 minutes and then they all went home to wash the paint off and watch the soaps on TV.

We're giving it 6months and then expect they'll sell it to a developer to throw a resort on it.
Never make the mistake of thinking they're all poor oppressed and pathetic victims. Some are, those around here aren't.
The majority of them are really embarrassed about the stuff being said. It's their lawyered up Tribal Councils who do all the protesting, the career professional Indigenous industry players. They are the primary cause of the resentment an divisions between us, and they do it because they make a lot of money to keep the pot boiling.

I've met a very wide range of Koori, from absolute arseholes to wonderful people I'd trust with my bankcard.
Don't swallow everything you hear about what racist arseholes whitey is down here. Some certainly are but the majority are doing their best to make up for a history we have no control over.
Things ain't always as they seem.

And yes, I agree that I find that kid creepy too! But is he guilty as charged? No. Is Phillips a con artist? Yes.

Assessments are fine, but let's keep it real.
Feckin' Aboriginals. They get all the breaks.

And the fake ones?
Feckin' christ.

Takin' us for all they can?

Next thing you know, they're making real money. For doing nothing.

Uppidy fucks.

It's like they think they're white.

Oh well.

Nothing some serious eugenics programs couldn't solve.

I'm always amazed that Australians can maintain such a high standard of living with these burdens they must cope with.
Not only the welfare Abbos, but also the fucking greenumists and their shit ass dictum.

Must be that tough stralya spirit.

I reckon you all got a bit of that Crocodile Dundee in ya'.

For us, it's John Wayne.
That's how we manage to keep heart in this sordid world of illegal fruit pickers and black welfare queens, driving Cadillac's and eating lobster.

If it becomes too much, there are alternatives. Real patriots can team up, and get weapons, and buy a compound, surrounded with razor wire.

We really don't need to put up with this abuse anymore.

(You should come to one of the meetings.)

Yeah, you might have to pretend to be religious...but that's not very hard.
Once a week, you go to a church, and take a nap for an hour.
It's doable.
Small price to pay for restoring sanity and honor in our lives.

(Um, you're not a Jew, right?)

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