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Left, Right, Left, right out.
The spectators are still more interesting than the competitors in political games.

Tell me, do you feel embarrassed when these type of morons are presented as representing "progressive liberal" ideologies?
As embarrassed as moderate Right wing voters feel about pallid fat oafish  bald faux nazis being held up as examples of their characters?

Just wondering how you feel about exactly what message protestors on either side are sending.
Maybe more of that blowing their own heads off would lead to better outcomes?  They've been setting themselves alight in Asia for ages, and arabs keep blowing themselves up,  but that doesn't seem to have accomplished much either.
"Watch carefully! I'm only gonna do this once!"

My fave Merkan brag is "I have the right not to vote!" ... then they exercise the right to protest because someone else did.  ... luv that stuff.

... try to hold it together when the fella says he did vote. For Hillary.  because she's more honest.

People are wonderful ... sometimes.
I wish I could cry.
I'm way past that. Sad 
I hope you too will attain the cynical zenness of seeing only the futile humour in it all.  
(03-04-2018, 02:58 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  The spectators are still more interesting than the competitors in political games. 

[Image: 100750054_Vladimir-Putin-Alexander-Shpry...mwidth=480]
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
[Image: laughing.gif]

Pinching that for the archives. Beeoodiful.

Damn, can't stop laughing at that!
(03-04-2018, 02:58 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Tell me, do you feel embarrassed when these type of morons are presented as representing "progressive liberal" ideologies?

Not even slightly, and for two reasons:

1 - "Leftists" don't have a requirement to join.

2 - The majority of cases of extremists on the left have turned out to be alt-right fuckwits pretending to be antifas, etc. Here's just one example:

That is why cherry-picking one solitary example is nonsense.

One of the reasons I got so pissed off at Shiner is that several of the examples of "extremist left" he used as "they're as bad as the fascists/us" were absolutely created by alt-right filth. The enormous majority of progressive liberals are both progressive and liberal.

The enormous majority of right-wing supporters are Nazis.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
nice to hear that, T.A.

My falling out with Shiner was one of my saddest moments on line.

I would love to see him re-appear.


not so much.
Shit, you 2 really haven't noticed that missing eye have you? Rolleyes

Oh and thanks for thinking of me in my stormtrooper outfit instead of the leather and fishnets boys.  Nice of yas.

Get real fellas, you don't know enough wussy conservatives, they're closer to church auxilliary scone bakers than to nazis. 

  "The enormous majority of right-wing supporters are Nazis. "  ??    .... bullshit!   Total bullshit.

You too are cherry picking TA,  using the worst extremists as a general example works both ways.   And you bloody know it!

Oh, and if those morons who are proud that they didn't vote, and bawling teenage Hillary snowflakes don't embarrass you then perhaps they should as they're the people who have held back the causes you've championed.

 They're the ones who make it look stoopid.   Just as the dickhead plastic nazis give a skewed impression of what that "enormous majority" of conservative/right wingers have in mind.  

I know an awful lot of Right wing voters and not a single one has any interest in ruling the world or being responsible for anyone else's course in life, they're only interested in keeping the peace and keeping the banks open.  

The reason Shiner got the shits, and I, was the total refusal to accept that what we were telling you was not about where the fucking videos came from... it was about the impressions that they giving regardless of where they came from!  
The message 'we' got was that you honestly believe that only Right wing plotters plant fake news and stage fake  protests!!    that is seriously deluded.  

.. no,  not looking for a fight over it ... just still perplexed at the obtuse attitude you here take to the subject.

One may almost suspect that you are avoiding the bleeding obvious sometimes.

If I'm guilty of the bleedin' obvious, you'd think i might be all ears.

You know; because of the type of bloke I am....

Still, I'm all ears on this.
(But also have no desire to open old wounds.)

any remote chance that you and Shiner might have missed the bleedin' obvious?


It is quite possible that I'm the idiot in this.
In fact, part of me wishes it was true.

(I'm even aware of how obnoxious that statement was.)

As a male, I feel qualified to expose dickishness when I see it.

I know dicks.
siiiiigh.   nup.  there is a colour to this argument that is invisible to some it seems.  No magic glasses that can make it clearer,  Shiner and I could 'see' it but not others ... I'm afraid I still don't understand why it seems so obscure but I'm over it.

I'm hungry ... I'm going hunting in the fridge and will settle for about anything that stands still.  

Forget the comparisons of the fakiness  and skewed news crap Stanky, it just upsets yas.  sorry. Heart

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