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James Rand got me interested in magic, before he became a professional skeptic and de-bunker.

I still check out magic acts, fairly often, via-youtube and such.

I have no desire to learn the tricks of the trade, but i admire the crazy skill of a top-notch card mechanic or slight of hand master.
There's a purity in the 'art' of a magician wherein no gimmicks are required.
No gizmos. Just pure skill.

The weirder stuff, with complex set-ups and actors and all, can be amusing....but further out of reach for most people.

My take away from it is the knowledge of how easy it is to be fooled if a person skilled in that wanted to fool you.

Essentially, we have teams of magicians working a '3-card monty' posing as a huge bank.
Trained mentalists are taking your money.
Roulette wheels are rigged; posing as voting or black.
Everyone falls for the sucker bet.
At some point, you don't care if Jesus walked on the water. You've seen seen drunk guys water ski across the lake. - stanky
Here's a link (hopefully) of a master of sleight of hand:

and a card mechanic:

He's blind, btw.

Here's a guy that is a champ sleight of hand guy, doing something very artistic:

Here's a guy with no hands:

People are able to achieve amazing things, obviously.

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