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what is the foundation of mathematics?
How strange that a thread about math so quickly degenerated into politics and bad feelings.

There must be a formula that describes that phenomena with precision.

Seriously...there is so little interest in maths, that a thread on basic algebra would likely turn pornographic after 3 posts.

What we love, evidently; based on extensiveness analysis of everything ever written on-line, is contention.

We love contention even more than sex or drugs.
It's a default position.

When in doubt, hate on someone.

Lest this looks like pure hyperbole and exaggeration, look at our new budget:

Tons of new money for our military machine, already the largest on Earth by a huge factor, and endless cuts in the spending on the most time-honored and effective expenditures. The reason you can't afford medicine for your sick child?
We need that money for bombs. And to make billionaires happier.

I have difficulty with anyone that needs to defend that stuff.

I knew some kids when I was young, that were really into torturing animals. They weren't even uncommon. There wee at least ten of them in my little neighborhood. They would call you a faggot if you weren't ok with their sadistic plan du jour.

Guess what?!

These kids now run the world!

We aren't allowed to say that they have no soul, because smart atheists like me know there is no such thing as a soul.

And for that stupid reason, we are rendered ineffectual in any argument that enters into the moral realm.

We are dedicated to our skepticism more than we are dedicated to science.

Pedantic atheists and proud skeptics have been fabulously successful and not having any influence on anything, forever...much less recent events regarding take over by the brain dead robot-humans from New Jersey.

Do I need to be right all the time, because of a severe ego problem? I would hope not. One must be on guard for that's a super common phenomena among humans.

I get passionate about being correct when I am correct.
That's it, in a nutshell.

When ego-maniacs debate, the results are stupidly predictable. The outcome only serves to aggrandize someone; knowledge and truth goes by the way side.

Here at recodger, there are two egomaniacs...

Me, and T.A.

We both have a disability that is extremely recognizable by the medical community.

Yeah, I think he's got it way worse than me, but I have to be suspicious of myself...because i suffer from this disease. And one of it's symptoms is that you think that people that constantly nit-pik at your ideas are suffering from an insidious infection.

Do I believe that I have a better handle on everything than Di or T.A.?

Fuck yeah. it's not even a decent question.

I'm light years past both of them. Especially T.A.
He's still stuck in the dick-sizing level of debate.

When someone knows everything, you can't tell them anything.

This won't go well.

But I don't really care.

The aspect of myself that i trust is hard-won. It has no fluffy corners.

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