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'You want fries with that?
Yea!!!  I saw that years ago and could never find the damned thing again.  Archived the link this time.
I could watch that all day.

Yeah man. They go the extra mile. Loved the weightless one. And the Rube Goldberg stuff is like reverse engineering the butterfly effect.
I barely notice their music.
When I clicked the link, the side bar stuff turned me on to some hillbilly bands I didn't know even existed. Some of them had 50 million views!

wtf? i axed meself....

My hunch?

Sophisticate Europeans are fascinated with hillbillies. Much as they were with cowboys and Indians.

When I saw this video (with 50 million views) i thought they probably lived down the street from me.

And they even sing in English.

But, if they were real hillbillies, wouldn't their schools suck?

My natural fashion inclinations briefly came into vogue during our grunge era in music.

And by golly, I think I might have another moment in this hillbilly aesthetic.

It might be cool to look like a total least in Scandinavia.

(I need to find the hat.)
That's been posted before, I remember sending the link to Cuz who was similarly impressed that they are Finnish.
Sure it was on this forum.

But I watched it again, I think they're great.
No doubt I posted it before, but lack what's called a 'functional memory'.

How do you feel about their fashion statements?

because i could pretty much rock that look without going shopping.

Those guys are pretty damned skilled. It reminds me of stuff you hear at parties in rural Tennessee.

Another taste:
They nailed the look, we still have a few around who wear similar stuff but quite the same look as we don't do the braces. Haven't seen those since granddad died. The bib overalls worn outside of a worksite is not done here either.
I notice men wear them to the shops n such there but not seen here. Too hot maybe?

I'm glad it was reposted, I love it, like the one Grayman posted, lucky resurrections.

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