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'You want fries with that?

I wonder if the crane operator could have masturbated the hot dog guy?
That would be impressive.

thought this was the insane sex thread.
I see that, and raise you...

The tentacles glow.
- stanky
That was strangely erotic. I couldn't fathom how that tower had the structural integrity to bear that load. That was one well-made phallic symbol.
(From that angle, the crane was the female.)
Sexuality has never been easy.

In fact, I wonder if its normal to want to see a back-ho and a garbage truck fuck?

Like a variation of robo-wars? For mature people like me.

I had a friend that had fairly awesome 4 wd pick-up truck.
The best feature was the winch on the front.
He could pull his truck up a cliff.

I've always wanted a powerful winch on a truck. And I've owned at least 10 trucks.

Somehow, never got the winch.

I don't know why that sort of thing IS.

Whereas someone like g-man has a plane and a motorcycle.
Sparky has a sail boat.

(I disgust me. Sure, I have a chainsaw...but I hate chainsaws. It's like I'm not quite the master of my destiny.)

ever feel that way?

(On the bright side, Mary is due back at the stankerosa tonight. It should change the tone (and tonnage) of my posts.)
I'm guessing those guys are no relation to this bloke, also from Germany:

Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Ahhh Chermany. Still has that subtle sense of gentle humour.
I wish I had become a fork lift driver when I had the chance.

From the above educational film, it appears to be a very forgiving job.
Last non-transportation job I had was as forklift operator, for Savage Arms.

Yeah, the gun people.
The tentacles glow.
- stanky
One of the daughter's jobs at her work is driving a forkhoist.

I never visit her at work. Crazy motherfuckers she works for - I wouldn't let her loose on a pedal-car!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I like this band's videos. Rube Goldberg Machine.
The tentacles glow.
- stanky

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