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males and females are different
(01-08-2018, 08:30 AM)grayman Wrote:  Would there be a market for a male version of Lingerie Football?

in that picture, is the brunette delivering the blond's baby?

Or doing a digital impaction?

(Looks messy)
(12-03-2018, 06:21 PM)grayman Wrote:  Female Footballer Wins Historic Award, Is Promptly Asked If She Can Twerk

Possibly not his smartest ploy.

(12-03-2018, 07:37 PM)stanky Wrote:  The transgender issue in sports is amusing. Should a male that becomes female be allowed to compete against natural females?
Especially combat sports or weight lifting?

Absolutely not, and not in any sport other than ones where females & males compete against each other anyway, like equestrian events.

We had the fucking absurd spectacle at the Commonwealth Games where a bloke who had competed as a man suddenly decided he was a female and was 5-10% above the actual women who were competing.

Another problem is the intersex group. At the last Olympics, all three medallists in the "women's" 800m were intersex. Women born as women have no chance against male structure & strength.

(12-03-2018, 07:37 PM)stanky Wrote:  This is an interesting intersection of social justice vs common sense.

Common sense loses, as usual.

The stupid part is, there is a caveat in equality that women can't compete against men, so compete against each other. Trans/intersex are quite welcome to create their own medals, because it isn't working as it stands.

Tiger should transition - one way to get more majors than Nicklaus.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
female athletes that turn male might excel on the balance beam in gymnastics.
But the men don't do that piece.

(because men are pussies that are afraid of falling on their balls. That's why they don't do the balance beam.)

I hate the balance beam. It's a joyless endeavor; painful to watch.
At least the tumbling and high bar stuff looks kind-of fun.

Whereas a back-flip on the beam is the least fun back flip you can do. Thud. Great. She didn't mash her vagina.

come to think of it, there's a bunch of sporting events that simply don't look like any fun at all. Regardless of the sex.

Shot-put comes to mind. i gave it a try in tenth grade. wasn't strong enough to compete; wasn't motivated to get stronger for the event...i think, because it wasn't any fun. Just one big grunt.

I hope i haven't offended any of the shot-puters here.
For all i know, it's the ultimate expression of physical art.

In high school, back then, it was the sport of the really big fat kids to try. They couldn't run for shit, but it didn't much matter.

Ignore me.
I'm going through a spell of questioning all my opinions.

meanwhile, i long for the athlete that transitions, and then transitions back...staying in the game the whole time.

(as I wrote that line, it occurred to me that this person likely exists already. That's how out of touch i am.)
(12-03-2018, 09:09 PM)stanky Wrote:  female athletes that turn male might excel on the balance beam in gymnastics.
But the men don't do that piece.

(because men are pussies that are afraid of falling on their balls. That's why they don't do the balance beam.)
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
That was great! and new to me.

Now i must watch his floor exercise routine.
I loved the Mr. Bean aspect of the performance.
Or maybe more like Harold LLoyd?

Obviously, the guy had mad skills and strength. And some balls. He made fun of everything without pissing anyone off.
That's not easy.

(in fact, probably wouldn't wash today.)
someone would find offense.

Thanks, g-man.

(The floor exercises.)

also excellent.

he really rocks a tu-tu.

The layout back-flip into the belly flop is fab.

while the subject is ripe, here's some amazingly boingy lads:
2nd that, new to me too.

He'd be strung up by the Offenderati for that now.  
Pity, if anything needs sending up it's gymnastics.

Re the Soccer player.  She's worth another trophy for class.  

I'd have been tempted to crotch the turd and watch him 'twerk'.   but i'm not a classy girl,   Blush  ... can't play soccer either.

The only sport I liked even a tiny bit was the javelin.   Something atavistic going on there I think, I did enjoy hurling that spear.  But I was shite at it like all other sports.  ... it was kind of satisfying though ..... Angel
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
I'm pretty sure I could gone through life better off for not seeing those.
But, no such thing as bad education I suppose. [Image: yellow-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I tried the javelin toss too. Liked it much more than shot-put. At least it felt like a weapon.
I realized after a a few days of throwing it that i wasn't strong enough. same with discuss.

Spear-chucking has some history in battles and hunting. Hunting with a shot put might work on a turtle, but mostly useless.
Shortly after that foray into the gruntier sports, I decided that running was a more useful skill. And then, swimming. Something real and elemental about those skills.

On the swim team, we shared the pool with the divers. Diving was part of swimming. It lacked that elemental aspect in terms of crude life skills, but I must say, the divers were having hellish more fun than the swimmers. They did way less tedious work. We mostly swam back and forth for 2 hours. They just climbed up and took their time; did a two second exertion; and dragged themselves out of the water to try again.

I envied diving, but sucked at it, on any competitive level.
So i tried gymnastics. It also looked like fun. If you could do a back flip in a mall, standing still, wouldn't you want to do that a lot?

Anyway, i sucked at that too. i was too big for gymnastics; too small for shot-put stuff; and not quite tall enough to excel at swimming.
I tried every sport my schools had to offer. That was a crazy idea. You need to hone in on a specialty if you want to excel in a sport. or anything.and you need to hone in when you're a kid. Competitive swimmers are at it by the age of four. If they decide to try wrestling when they're ten, they are unlikely to excel.

I even got into bike racing. I was faster than the other kids in my town, but no chance of competing at a high level..
Not sure if it was lack of discipline, or just getting bored with the details.
Not sure, in hind-sight, what advice i would offer a kid with excess energy.
I think I'm almost smart enough to keep my mouth shut. Got no advice.

Went through similar shit in academia. Tried all kinds of shit; frequent changes of major; gained a passable knowledge in multi-disciplines; mastered nothing.

Not sure if I even regret any of that.I knew a few kids that were super focused on a specialty, and i didn't envy their lives. Very often, they were pushed by ambitious parents. Together, they were going for the gold. And the odds of being the next big deal; making money even, were as slim as the lottery. Some of these kids are trashed when they don't make the big show. Who wants to be the 89th fastest swimmer in your division? Sure, that's a very good swimmer...but there will be no endorsements. And you just spent your entire childhood, swimming back and forth in a pool. And now you discover that you lack social skills. And you abandoned math and physics on that path of sacrifice.

twisted stuff.

Though, a tiny handful of the most obsessed are richly rewarded.
Even then, the career of an elite jock; especially in sports like swimming or gymnastics, is very short lived.

I'm not at all surprised that Michael Phelps became suicidal depressed. There is no plan B for the ultra obsessed.

Imagine the life of the pretty girl, with the aggressive mom, and they decide that she will become Miss America!
And they spend every cent at it. Travel around; learn poise and perfect hair; and never quite win the prize.
And then you're older. Done. And the obsession has left you rather vapid as a human being.

That has to suck.

(apologies for meaningless rambling rant.)


it's 1:30 a.m. here.

I need to sleep.

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