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Reward Offered!
I daren't even hope you're right.

The biggest worry is that Chinese connection with Dastyari and Shorten will nab Bill under the new foreign 'donation' laws, and chuck him out of the saddle too soon before the next election. Bill's about as popular as an undertaker at a wedding and the easiest beat Labor could have leading it. Fingers crossed he stays that way.

The worst thing for the LNP after Abbott is if Tony (another one!) Albanese gets the Labor Leadership. Everybody loves Albo, he's a back room power broker but has been spending a lot of time in the public view and has the common touch and a wicked sense of humour. Hell, even I like Albo!

I'd be prepared to lay good odds Mal's stock goes up with every serve he gives to China, and is doubled when they fire back at him.

It's nice to watch this kind of shite from the sidelines for a change!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Good innit? I'm enjoying a breakfast of watching the Left journos backpeddling and saying nice things about Malcolm.
It's choking them but they can see the writing on the wall and have remembered that they're government funded and this one might still be paying them after the next election.
When Labor was killing Mal in the polls the journos really laid into Mal, ... they're such hos.

It's not gone well for Labor since they got sprung doing deals under the table with Red China!
That one is going to be the centre ring act that will finally eclipse Abbott's death wish extravaganza.

Maybe there is a god? It appears that the LNP's is actually the Labor Party! They've long had a self destruct gene built into their Party structure, they're serial own goalers and they've done it again!
(Not to say the LNP hasn't been doing the same, they just didn't get caught at it.).

It's a grand circus, damned shame they're closing down over Xmas ... how excited would America be if Trump was caught red handed selling info and doing deals with China instead of just meeting Russian tarts and getting some mention on facebook? Gaasssssp!

Christ they'd have heart attacks if he'd told China to jam it as Mal has! Uncle Xi is pissed as hell with us and we're all cheerin'... go Mal!

Somehow while threatening Putin was embarrassing, calling China out is quite refreshing. All round. Labor voters are cheerin' too.
I don't think is just bias, there is a big difference between Putin shootin' down a plane and bloody China running our friggin' country!

ETA: Hey TA, keep an eye on Jacinda!! Bill Shortens over there giving her riding orders! He's no doubt putting her straight on which Chinese business men to take bribes from and which are most generour Party donors. They put on good wedding too, Bill gets invited to them all the time.

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