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Religious Memes, Photos, etc.
(01-08-2019, 02:31 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Oh, Sparky, remember our clash over the silliness of allocating personal traits to names?
You seemed to be bothered that I said "Pauls are useless."

Well, the bloke moving in upstairs is a Paul.  He's been bringing little bibs and bobs and filling up the unit with junk before the furniture arrives and the other day he decided to practice backing out of the garage.

He got out of it fine, but kept reversing and took out my other neighbour's rain gauge setup, plus the footpath light column, plus a couple of nice little flowering bushes.  
But he didn't notice or didn't care and drove off.
It was electricians by the truckload to get the light fixed before the wreckage electrocuted someone, but the rain gauge didn't make it.  The bushes are expected to recover in time.

He was back next day in a different car.  Seems the one he wrecked the garden in was somebody else's that he'd borrowed!

Geeeze, we can hardly wait until he moves in!  Never a dull day with Paul around!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA........ Smile  We look forward to all the great stories!
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
I shouldn't talk really, I've been needing to do 18point turns to reverse 'Mack' into the garage.

I've decided to ignore Cuz's suggestion that it should be easier for me if it's pointing the right way out of the garage.
Bullshit to that. It's far easier to back it out than back it in!
I bumped every surface it could reach, but no damage, but bugger it, if he wants it reversed in he can drive down and do it!

I'm thinking about ditching the car when the next rego comes up. When I do my rather suspect sums on it it's cheaper to call cabs to get where I want to go than to pay rego and compulsory insurance on a car I hardly use and can't drive far due to my back problems.
It's one of the hard decisions oldies have to make, but making the right one early is the best way to go.
I've known two people who were too old to be driving who killed other motorists and I do not want that kind of thing on my conscience. We're never quite as good as we still want to believe we are.
I hear you, sister.

But as per the 18 point turns on your new go-cart?
With more power to the drive wheel(s) you can do a spin-out, or 4 wheel drift maneuver.
Ask any redneck for details.

But some point it's ridiculous to own a car.
You eventually tend to weigh the cost of the upkeep and insurance and all, against the alternatives.
And there are alternatives.
I may just pass on the drift maneuver, but thanks for the advice. Wink

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