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The Drowning Thread
And another; a lovely tune by Donovan; 1968

Widow with a shawl:
And the incomparable Sandy Denny:

there's something about the songs of the sea that sing to me.

Maybe it's because long times floating; doing nothing; bring out the poet?

Bonus track:

(Salty Dog)

There's as many great sea-faring songs as there are train songs.

(I just thought of 273 others.)

I forget if sparky's mad at me...but it's incumbent upon us to get out to sea.

Crusty old guys like me, with the philosophical bent, are a waste of protoplasm on land.

I can totally picture me with the salty spray in my face; reveling in a modicum of hardship; doing my best to keep the crew in a chipper mood.

I can prove it, but i suspect I'm the sort that could crack a joke as we're going down.

Anyway, that's my goal in crack a joke in the last breath.

It's not all that unusual a thing; and it surely impressed me:
Fellas that made a joke with their last breath.

That's what i aspire to, based on the options I've seen so far.

But we can't really know.

Maybe i'd simply piss my pants and whimper.

It is interesting to see and hear various people dying. Most are simply out of it; no last words.
Others die coherently; suddenly...and manage to say something.

A few stand out in my memory...bold and funny, even...with the intent to put the living at ease.
Heroic stuff; nameless heroes.
Old farmers; homeless never know where the heroes will emerge from.

Others are less graceful about it.
I lurrrve sea shanties.  We had an album of them and played it to death.  

This one was taught in school.  We had to sing it quite often.  There was no shame associated with our beginnings so no problem in teaching a song about convict transportees to little kids at all.  There would be today probably, it would 'trigger' someone's sensibilities.  Rolleyes

Thinking about it, this could very well have been the first song ever written expressly about Australia.
A word here and there is different to how I learned it, but mostly the same.


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