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Volcano Porn
I've got a mobile phone.  It spends it's life on the shelf near my bed, plugged into life support but otherwise ignored.

It rang the other day! Sometimes it says "Hello Moto" in an Asian voice but it made a definite Brr brrr sound.
By the time I figured out where the sound was coming from and why, and picked the thing up it stopped.
Then I realised I hadn't a clue how to answer it anyway.   All I got was the password sign in page so I reckon by the time I key that in whoever was calling wasn't going to hang around that long anyway.
I've figured out how to make a call, but not how to answer one.   doh.

It would have been only a scammer, no one knows the number, (including me. )

I keep asking people to show me how the bloody thing works but it's always "remind me next tim I'm here." yeah riiiight.

I had one years ago that operated like a phone.  This bastard thinks it's too smart to be a phone and has serious security paranoia and it gives me the shits being asked for passwords, and having the bugger turn itself off if I glance away...  hate the thing. 

It's obviously smarter than me but all I want is a friggin' phone!  I don't have to control a Lunar landing!
hear hear!

Remember how cheap phones use to be? And how long they ;lasted? You didn't need to carry it with you. There were phone booths. Not bad.
Raining sand.
"The moose defies domestication." *
* Some restrictions may apply.
~ stanky
I got distracted by the pornographic bicycle. Did you see it?
That was some high-end gear.
"Raining sand"... FAKE Weather alert!!

Not a word of that eruption on the Nooz down here.

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