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Volcano Porn
In defense of rescuing idiots, it makes for some exciting jobs.

The Adrenalin-junkies that do that work thrive on it. If they didn't have that job, they'd be one of the idiots that needed rescue.

The one time we called on our local rescue dudes made them very happy.

My nephew was staying with us. And odd teen at the time. It's mid July; hot as fuck...and he takes my funky old aluminum canoe out on the river, and starts to paddle up-stream. Our county seat is 12 miles up river from here, and there's a current of roughly 3 mph.

anyway, we hadn't seen him for 3 days and became concerned.

The rescue boys were sitting around, hot and bored.
The river is cold, due to the damn 48 miles upstream.
It's an air conditioned, bug free paradise on a hot day.

They got to take the boat out on the river, and look for my nephew.
They found him; he was fine; floating back home after paddling all the way to town, which took 3 days; to get some potato chips.
Which he got.

(Weird kid. he took nothing with him. slept in the wet canoe at night; oblivious to any discomfort or the concept of hardship. He did it again one time; this time floating down river. He was out for 5 days. I wasn't worried this time. He brought a little pouch of raw barley along. And a jar. He'd soak the barley in river water all day, and eat it at night, when it had softened up some. That's all he brought on a five day river trip. now sleeping bag; tent; matches...nada. He was very tough in an oblivious sort of way. He didn't come off as a tough guy. But he had no fluffy pillows in his life. By design. I guess.)

funny, he works as an electrician at a big switch yard for the trains.

what's with the train thing here at recodger?
(it's kind of spooky.)
No comment. ... 'cept, there was a sayin' ... "you don't have to be mad to work here but it helps"
maybe we could lure new blood through our train fetish thingy?

we could become the skeptics with trains site.

(Ignore me. I'm just reeling in the loss of sparky. He was my favorite sparring partner.)

Did i ever mention that my dad had an awesome train set in the basement of our house in Detroit, early 50's?
Hell yes.
I remember the mail would come around the track and grab the mail satchel from a post by the tracks.
(Spell binding. My dad was nuts, but at least he was fascinated by trains.)

When we moved into the middle class, the train set was left behind.
You'd need to restrict that to people who worked for the railways, those who just watch them and buy little tiny ones in boxes are a workout to get along with.
(07-18-2018, 10:00 AM)stanky Wrote:  maybe we could lure new blood through our train fetish thingy?

That'd work, I'd say. You'd need to put some effort in, but trains are popular enough that you would get people here.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
You may have seen this before, still interesting to me.

I like it hot and sticky - Di Wundrin
Yes, I saw that a while back. Sensational work.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Very cool.

stupid question:
Did any one survive?

If the cartoon is accurate, some one took notes.

What a wicked event.
Probably lots of queers in Pompeii.

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