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And we thought this one was dead and buried.
A NSW couple were convicted of some really nasty sexual abuse and torture of one (or two; not reported on well at all) of their 4 children.  It was pretty big news. Both given long sentences.  All details suppressed as is the Aussie way. The judge condemned them and so did the media.

Quote:She noted character references suggested both parents were “intelligent and educated” and held in high regard in their community, with the man described as “firm and fair” and “down-to-earth” coach. For a period he had been employed as a senior lecturer at a university.

“I find it wholly unsurprising that numerous people describe him as they have ... people were hoodwinked as to his true nature.”

But despite opportunity “to reflect on the enormous impact and immeasurable harm they were causing”, Justice Huggett said both parents continued to insist on their innocence.

His wife had told a doctor that she was “100% innocent” and had been “sentenced for something that I have not done”. She had said the same of her husband.

Huggett said there was no evidence to suggest “even a modicum of remorse or insight” on his part, nor of a mental health disorder or impaired judgement that might explain the abuse.

But there was evidence of "a mental health disorder or impaired judgement" that might explain the allegations. Quite a bit, apparently.

What they didn't tell us is very interesting indeed.   Testimony from two siblings saying it didn't happen. Zero witness testimony to support what would have been visible (and noticed) injuries.  The jury, and apparently the media, rejected these inconveniences, as well as the fact that the first time the allegations were mentioned was after the 'victim' had been admitted to care and undergone long term intensive psychiatric treatment. In her mid teens.

Quite a good article here about it all.

How the fuck did this pass muster?
"Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle": Vladimir Putin
P. C obsessions Shiners.  It's been hijacked by extremists.

Someone the other day was saying he was so confused about what's going on in society, (he was referring to the attitude to crime) .. he said "when did we start treating the criminal as the victim and the victim as the suspect?"

It followed some prisoner advocate's waffling whinge about 'verballing' and 'victimisation' of those with a criminal record .. wtf?  why wouldn't they be the first ones checked for an alibi??

There were some horrible courtroom treatments handed out to rape victims in the past. The "she asked for it" defence, but now it's become mandatory to treat every allegation as gospel.

What is it with humans that they must always polarise and treat every issue in binary fashion  Yes/No Right/Wrong Black/White For/Against .. never mind wasting 20 seconds on scrutinising the whole story, and taking into account other aspects of events,  just jump on the bandwagon and defend a completely random decision to the death??
It always seems to be the one most approved of according to the current catechism of accepted levels of PCness.

It works both ways,  when did we start treating the 'evidence' of everyone not rich and white and 'old' as gospel regardless of motives or possible mentally warped agendas?

I have no idea of the facts of that case, don't even remember it, there have been so many , but they certainly needed a better lawyer who wouldn't have let those diary entry lies go unchallenged!

I have two examples from my past of people wrongly accused of things they'd never dream of doing. 
Both involved schoolkids but one was a schoolkid telling lies, and the other was an old bitch telling lies about a neighbour "interferring with schoolgirls clothing at the bus stop,"

I new both of the accused, one casually, one very well as a close family friend.  
The friend was a rather naive and old fashioned, softy, nice,  2nd wife who found herself coping with a teenaged girl as bitter as gall that her father had remarried some years after her mother had died.   She was an only child and star of his life, how dare this woman usurp her 'throne'.

The girl was a 'besty' of mine at the time. More because she lived close than from compatibility.

I heard all the tales she told about her 'wicked stepmother', all about how cruel it was  that she was forced to attend the wedding, how much she hated "the Bitch".
I spent many hours in that house and the terrorist in it was my pal! 
She was the bitch, but refused to see it.

 She was a 12 year old drama queen, walked around with a tome of Shakespeare under her arm and was going to be the next big Hollywood star, except that .. she .. would be a genuine actor! not some starlet. (Which was as smart as she ever got because she was ugly as a hatful.)
She scored   bit parts on two local TV series in later years  and was never heard of again.  But boy did she ever practice her best "Bette Davis" bitchery on her step mother.  What she said about her was scandalous, and frankly unbelievable to anyone acquainted with her stepmother.

'Lin' came to school with a burn mark on her arm one day. The shape was obviously made by a hot iron.

"The Bitch" had held the iron on her arm and asked us "should I call the police?"  ...  how the shit would we know? we were just kids,  "go ask a teacher"  but she never did.

When I got home Mum said "did 'Lin' say anything about how she knocked the iron over and burned herself today?"

Apparently her stepmum was down at our place in tears telling Mum how Lin was in one of her theatrical tantrums that morning and swung her arm around and straight onto the hot iron, knocking it flying.

The friend was distraught because Lin refused to let her take her to a doctor or even put a dressing on the burn.  Poor woman was being driven nuts by this teenager .
I told Mum what Lin's story was,  and she was mortified! But we never told the friend what Lin had said as that would just upset her even more.  Probably wrong but it seemed the best thing at the time.
 That was the last time I took any notice of anything Lin ever said again.

It was a life lesson not to take everything you hear at face value. 
I'd like to be a fly on the wall at one of 'Lin's' therapy sessions, I'm betting she could be coaxed in remembering some pretty lurid lies.

This stuff is getting very close to the way the 'witch hunts' were run.  McCarthyism was political cultism, this is more like religious 'visions' mindfuckery.
Quote:Titled “The Unbelievers,” the story revealed that the news articles last fall didn’t mention, nor was the jury ever told, that Emily’s testimony was based on “recovered memories” that were “repressed” until apparently coaxed to the surface by therapists after she entered a hospital psychiatric ward in 2010. She underwent more than 1,000 hours of therapy with a psychiatrist and weekly meetings with a sexual assault counselor.

The other accusation was against a bloke who lived at the bus stop and  used to see his daughter off on the bus as he worked afternoon shifts.  He was a quiet polite man but had a very 'foreign' look to him.  No idea what and he didn't have an accent but he did look like a baddie in a B grade movie.

One day one of the girls came running up as the bus was ready to go and she had her dressed caught up in her undies, so he reached over and tugged it down for her as she was getting on the bus.  No one thought a thing of it.         

But the old biddy neighbour did and within a couple of weeks there were stories going around.
Mum asked me did Mr H ever interfere with my clothing??   Huh??   No .. "well don't talk to him again and keep well away from him."  
He stopped coming out to the bus with his daughter, and she wouldn't speak to any of us any more. 

Within a few weeks they packed up and moved.  There was no way he could fight the gossip, life was impossible and for no reason I ever saw.  Except for that one 'kind deed'. 

I still feel sorry for that man, and for his daughter who was constantly being asked if he 'touched' her.  She was a very quiet shy little girl who went into total withdrawal from everyone because she knew what was being said about her father.  Lonrliest little girl in the school.
Christ people are arseholes.  And not just the real paedophiles.   I hope that spiteful old bitch died hard.

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