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This is gonna COST!!
And rightly so!   People there have been howling to the wind about the toxic chemicals in their water and land for years, long before I left the Hunter region, but no one listened.  It's a pretty 'shithole' agricultural region so ... shrugged off.

The people there are small time landholders usually reliant on other jobs as the land floods and it's not wonderfully fertile anyway.   The flooding is the thing the Defence gurus overlooked.  They thought the crappy chems would just lay dormant,  but the groundwater rises and shifts it far and wide.

I hate that our taxes will go towards the billions they deserve in restitution, but they do deserve it!. 
They've been stripped of everything they've worked for.  They can't sell and they can't live there.
Maybe the military budget should be cut back in compensation?  Take their bloody toys off them?

But that won't happen, we have to "pull our weight" to keep Uncle Sam proud of us and scare off the Indos. 

... what an easily avoidable shitstorm this has grown into.  Too many idiots getting paid  to make stupid decisions on how  to fuck the country over ... oh wait,  sound familiar? Confused
I've seen that story doing the rounds a few months back - quite amazing the number of places your army has fucked up.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I can't wait until they have to clear all the dud shells out of the training ranges outside of Singleton.

That place was like living in downtown Mosul sometimes. (or Queenstown NZ) the place would shake 20 times a day.

Between the army and air force making their ordinance go bang in the S.W. and the mines blasting a few thousand tonnes of rock at a time from all the remaining directions it was not a great place to take a nap in the afternoon.

It had the highest rate of neurotic dogs in the country.

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