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Lee Camp: I Am Boycotting The NFL & You Should Too
The overwhelming need to affiliate with various movements and religions and even pop-culture icons is indicative of a very lazy type of intellect. It frees us from the need to examine or study anything.

We simply sign on the dotted line...even if it's metaphorical.
Suddenly, we have answers we never earned.
We gain truths we've never examined.

I stand in opposition to this phenomena.

It can't stand as an honest assessment of anything.

I find that problematic as hell.
Donald Trump Jr. Tweaks Colin Kaepernick's Nike Ad To Feature President
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Thank god that family doesn't own a dictionary, or one of them would die of ironic shock.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Mississippi police agency will no longer purchase Nike products

Quote:"As commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, I will not support vendors who do not support law enforcement and our military," Commissioner Marshall Fisher said in a statement.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant supported the commissioner's decision, saying in a statement that Fisher has the right to deny business "with a company that pays an individual who has slandered our fine men and women in law enforcement.”

Former NFL quarterback Kaepernick was the first to kneel during the national anthem to protest social inequality and police brutality.
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Mississippi, once again, leading the way forward.

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