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Check the date!
2017, if I'm not mistaken.

I received this from the kids' school:

Quote:Dear parents/caregivers,

We have received communication from the Auckland District Health Board, as follows:

"Auckland is experiencing an unprecedented mumps outbreak. There have been over 370 cases with more than 60 schools affected this year. Schools have had to exclude students and staff with mumps and any close contacts who haven't been fully immunised with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine."

So just making you aware of this, for the health and well being of our community.
If only there were some mechanism to stop this kind of outbreak occurring...
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
Did you see the news about M.I.T.s breakthrough with vaccine delivery?
They think it can be done with a single injection soon.

Should cut down on the autism problem.

(That was a sick joke, btw.)

can't be too careful these days.

(I know how you feel about anti-vax people, and I'm with you on that.)

except in the obscure matter of the bright possibility of massive die-offs of humans.

But that's fairly cynical shit.

(Not as cynical as nuclear war...which has some how come up to discussion again.)

While we were sleeping, congress just passed a bill granting the president greater powers in declaring wars.

And Russia is amassing a vast show of military might in response to our histrionics at the Polish border.

(We'll show them not to meddle with our elections!)

I can actually handle the innate violent nature of our primate species...but it's difficult to swallow the stupid,,,especially because of our pride in the smarts.

We'll kick their asses, Texas style!

Please ban me?
(09-17-2017, 06:44 PM)stanky Wrote:  And Russia is amassing a vast show of military might in response to our histrionics at the Polish border.

Yeah, I've seen that. Unfortunately, since the Poles themselves seem to be incorrigible racist Nazis, I find it hard to have a lot of sympathy for them.

If Putin ever dies, it will be from laughing himself to apoplexy. He has the entire world on a string, and hardly anyone's noticed.
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
I've listened to quite a few of Putin's speeches and interviews.
It's hard not to admire his intelligence, compared to an idiot like my president.

I'm not about to sign up to anyone's program, but I think it might be valid to address the various un-spoken militaristic and provocative activities that are a central theme of my dying empire.

People here simply don't acknowledge any of this...even when it's in the public record.
Americans have no clue why NK is the way it is. The easy path is to simply write off that regime as insane.

The U.S, simply can't afford to continue on the same old path.
It will not only be our ruin, it has the power to ruin everything.

There may have been a time in history wherein we held a moral hi-ground, of sorts. I think that has long since passed.
We need healthy opposition and challenges, as do all so called 'super powers'.

Perhaps this is delusional liberalism on my part.
Yet, it's hard to dodge the fact that our military machine has spread all over the globe...and the intention isn't all rainbows and unicorns.

It's a very unpleasant conversation...and one we simply aren't inclined to have in this land of the free and brave.

I think it's essential to begin a real conversation with the world.

For the most part, other nations have been more open to that concept than we have.

What exactly is it that we feel obligated to protect or impose?

The old jingoism is quickly being drowned in deception and hypocrisy.
We strain mightily to avoid addressing it.

Instead, we amuse ourselves with the pointless fluff of the latest tweets of our commander in chief.

Basically, I have no problem believing that we're all pretty much the same sort of shits, as per global politics.
The disturbing difference is America's perverse military might and a history of being willing to use it.

As economic factors (the crumbling facade of the Ponzi scheme) begin to manifest everywhere, we become more desperate and more likely to lash out in frustration. That won't end well.

It's not that I wish NZ was the super-power because they seem to be cooler's that we need to find a more balanced level of power.
Instead, we're committed to an even stronger military, and we happen to have an ever more insane type of leadership.

It doesn't feel very sophisticated.

How wrong am i to have these feelings?
And what sort of avenue exists to buffer the craziness?

I'm clueless, obviously.
But I'm not blind or brain dead. I try to keep up with reality.

Is Putin actually more threatening than Trump?

It's hard to see.
(09-17-2017, 10:16 PM)stanky Wrote:  Is Putin actually more threatening than Trump?

It's hard to see.

Definitely not. Putin will only act when he's in a position where he knows he's going to win. Crimea, Ukraine, Syria...

That's why he's allowing rockets and nuke tech to be sold to North Korea - he can just sit back and laugh at the antics of the Orange Toad and his hideous fucking minion, Nikki Haley. Where the fuck did he find her? She's even madder than he is!
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
There seems to be no shortage of them.
I went to school with a few of them.
They were the ones that liked to put a fire-cracker up a cat's butt.

Years later, they were at Yale.

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