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Is this the Instinct puzzle piece?
Found this interesting read on another forum.

It appears to be the instruction manual for DNA construction projects. ...  "a specific epigenetic mark termed ‘H3K27me3’."  .. shoulda just called it IKEA3.

It's always puzzled me how instinct works.  How behaviour could be inherited.  But this suggests that behaviour isn't inherited through the genes, but from the way the 'manual' that DNA follows, is written.  That apparently can be changed by outside forces like diet, habit etc and passed on in changed form as part of genetic inheritance.
Hell, it could even be the driver of evolution?

I really like it as it seems to fill some gaps that 'woo' fills sometimes,  but,  it may be just wishful (hopeful?) thinking.

It seems to explain how birds, animals who are left to their own devices from birth 'know' what to do.  Most species are taught survival behaviours from parents but not all.   This holds promise of the answer.  The 'lessons' are imprinted/preprogrammed, rather than taught. 

Always thought there was more going on than the 'facts' indicated, and that musing sometimes whimsically about what's missing is okay. Doesn't make the facts wrong, just incomplete.
(That last bit was for Sparks Angel )
i haven't clicked your link yet, but i have been drenching both surviving brain cells in learning cutting edge stuff about how dna strands get copied; and the perverse accuracy of it...even though, it's the infrequent mistakes that cause the mutations; the vast majority of them being detrimental; that drives the evolutionary process.

The cool part is that quantum effects are at the core of that process.

(Sparky won't like this.)

but it's pretty cool.

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