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spiritual stuff
Yeah. screeeeeee.
Is it just me, or does Sparky need to get laid?
btw, I also miss bsb. We had lovely debates.

And I love Krauss. Read his books, listened to his debates.

Do i owe my life to science?
You betcha!

(thanks, science!)

I will also owe my death to science.

(thanks, science!)

that's objectivity, in a nutshell.

There was nothing false in my offensive post.
It was meant to be offensive.

I dislike walking on egg-shells.

If someone wears a button that says " do not push", i can't help it.

Sparky, ol' wear that button too close to your heart.

Please stay!

(I think we need each other.)

yes, I'm a sentimental old fool.

and yes,
I do read. A lot, actually.

I even know about the origin of the Nobel Prize.

I also know about the Haber-Bosch process.

Here's a link that explains it fairly well:

have a look?

You are a disgusting, old, uneducated Australian slut that couldn't even manage reproduction.

It is utterly irrational that I love you.

I keep pushing your buttons.

It's like you don't have any.

or, even more seductive (you slut, etc) you are interested in shedding them.

(I need to see a therapist about this.)


would you consider being my therapist?

(I can't afford a real one.)
Are you implying that I'm not a real one?? Wait until you see the bill!

Sparks just needs a humour top up, he's been running on empty for a while now.
Dunno about you lover boy but I'm here for the laffs. He seems to not approve of that. [shrug]

can we offset the bill with your dividend checks as a major stockholder of TBP,inc?

(My sources indicate that you haven't declared these gains on your tax forms.)

are we on the same page?

My taxes are all above board! I'll release them for publication when the time is right.
I only use the best accountants. Very very smart accountants. Huuugely trustworthy accountants. Trump's. Trust me folks, we're gonna make Mexico pay my taxes.
I do realize the absurdity of tying science into nebulous concepts like spiritual; soulful, or having 'heart'.

And yet, we face a crisis due to its dearth....perhaps especially in the U.S.

The gmo-confined animal meat business is a prime example.

I doubt if many people make the connections in their minds or behaviors, but they might want to.

Only Australia eats more meat per person than the U.S.
But in America, 99% of the meat we eat is raised in confined, factory settings...and the feed is almost all gmo corn and soy. The technologies are married.

Here's an article with some details:
How far along this path are we willing to go?
Are we willing to destroy it all?

Is this sound science?
Quote:How far along this path are we willing to go?

Are we willing to destroy it all?

Is this sound science?

That's probably at the crux of what bothers me about the current trend to replace ethics and for want of better word, conscience, with 'science'. 

It's why I see the obsession with science, and reverence for it approaching a form religion in itself.   Unlike religion it  is easily proven as it's merely a description of tangible materials and processes, but it's still being 'worshipped' as some kind of 'belief system'.

I have no expectation that the people making a motza from making bombs will show signs of either ethics or conscience, but the general population are losing theirs too.  

Religion is truly the opiate of the masses, but it did have one useful purpose in exchange for sucking IQ points from the flocks.  It imposed a sense of responsibility on them.   Not the good kind, the self interest kind.  The go to hell if you're bad kind.  Science though is all carrot and no stick. 

I've read, and heard people use 'scientific fact' in exactly the same tone that religious believers use 'act of God'. 
As though it's okay that people die from stupid decisions as long as it was done in the name of either God or Science.  
They use Science to replace God as the peg to hang their personal responsibility on.

 "Hey, it's not my fault", ... and here's another frightening parallel....  "God/Science didn't cause it, some bad bastards hijacked, and used Religion/Science to do unspeakable wrongs." 
God/Science is perfect, only humans are bad.

And you know, they're right about that.  As long as both are retained as purely mental concepts!

It's when they're used as weapons, one mentally, one materially,  to gain power that they become equally dangerous.
They diverge as mental concepts only because science is the study of the eventually bleeding obvious, and religion is the opposite.

But just because science is provable doesn't mean it's always right to play around with it for profit.
People can pray all they like but they can't make 'God' do their bidding and build them a bomb.  But they can buy a scientist to build them one.  ... so which, logically speaking, is the safer 'belief' to hold?

We (skeptics?) hate that people profit from people's belief in, and reverence for, Gods, but are okay with people who use science in exactly the same way.   

I'm really sorry that I can't seem to get that idea across, without causing angst,  to those like Sparky who either need to cling to facts and shut their  eyes to how their  'facts' are being used, or who simply see no wrong in how science is used. 

Science is real.  But there is more to how it's perceived than merely writing down the facts in stone and seeing no further than that.
I know he, and the vast majority of skeptics who will hear no questioning of scientific intent are far from stupid.

Not the way lazy thinking God botherers are, but I do wonder if they are a tad naive in presuming that science can't be used by zealots with no appreciation or use for ethics, and that it doesn't matter! ... 'cos SCIENCE!

I don't understand why the 'Sparkys' are so defensive of it's purity  that they treat science as 'sacred' and close down all questioning of it's range with 'woo' and 'stoopid' barbs.    But what the hell, ...  they can 'believe' whatever they like right?

When all is said and done, science is merely the unfinished instruction manual of how the Universal flat pack fits together.   It's how we fit which pieces to what that is our responsibility.  Science is IKEA, we are the monkeys responsible for how we construct it's products.

thus spake the oracle before coffee or breakfast .. I do my best work in that state perhaps.  But I intend to conduct that experiment in the name science and imbibe coffee to see what effect it has on my writing inspiration.

... results will be published later in the day.

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