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Some great 'Dumps' on Imgur
Dietary choices are extremely fetishized. Endless books; constantly changing theories; crazy supplements; on and on it goes.
Here's what I've learned over the years:

It doesn't much matter. Unless you're actually malnourished, eat what you want to eat. If it's all Twinkies, expect diabetes at some point.
Food fetishes are a luxury of people that have enough food that they can make choices.
Poor people have it more simple: They generally eat whatever they can get their hands on.

The most complete nutrition we could hope to consume is human flesh.
It's not for me. I don't even like people that much.

My vegetarian leanings come from an aversion to killing animals. I suspect that lots of carnivores have the same aversion, but ignore it.
I actually admire hunters. I should be one, probably. I love the woods; i'm pretty good at stalking animals and observing their habits. But so far, unwilling to kill them. To cope with the hypocrisy, i quit eating meat as soon as i escaped from my parental authority figures. And it worked ok.

One of the interesting factoids about various diets that is slowly coming to light, is that the optimal state of health and longevity is achieved by a state of constant hunger. Not starvation, but not much food. Intermittent fasting has become a 'thing' with athletes and Health freaks.
It was likely the normal state before modernity and probably still is for most wild animals.You rarely see an obese wild animal.
(other than some marine mammals, like elephant seals that need blubber for insulation and buoyancy.)

It's funny how bent out of shape people get about diets. My dad had a diet that would make a vegan weep; ate meat 3 times a day; almost no veggies; salted the fuck out of everything; drank almost no water; chain-smoked until he was 40; ten cups of coffee a day; lived to be 95; never got sick. Pig was his favorite food. He must have eaten hundreds of them.

Mary weighs less than 100 lbs,wet. She eats twice as much as me.
I'm not evangelical about dietary choices. Although, confined animal operations do have a fairly negative effect on our eco-systems.
Funny that it's become illegal here to even film those operations. We're very insulated from our food sources.

I remember being a kid and having no idea where a hot dog or hamburger came from. Finding out was like finding out about Santa Claus.
I was horrified. How strange that such basic information could be made so abstract.

The other oddness for me was the immense rafts of shit I took for deciding to quite eating animals. It was exactly the opposite of what we often hear. It was the carnivores that had the evangelical zeal; not me. I let them hunt on my land.

What saddens me is too see 10 year old kids at the grocery store with their obese mom, and the cart is full of Mountain Dew, white bread, bologna and Miracle Whip. Fat kids is a new thing in America. I can't recall a single fat kid when I was in grade school. Now, most of them are.

(Oops, rant.)
I must have lucked out like your father Stanky,  and mine, who had very similar dietary habits to yours.

I was pretty weighty for a while then just dropped 40 kilos within a few months without any dieting or change in tastes.  Some metabolic rollover seemed to be happening and the kilos dropped at a faster rate than any diet could account for.  I've put on about 9 kilos since but that varies up and down depending on fluid retention so on average I've only put around 5 kilos back on over 5 years.

Still don't know why that weight loss happened other than a busted back may have triggered the biological need to be lighter,  does it even work like that??

I do eat less now per sitting than I did 10 years ago, but no less than expected, as we age we do tend to eat less.  But the nutrition choices haven't changed,  I still eat far too much fat and sugar and too little 'healthy' foods.

I got the summary of all the many pathology and scans results that I've been sent on over the last few months the other day.  
I asked him should I cancel Christmas which is a standing joke between us.

Nope, other than a raging inflammation problem throughout my system caused by an insane immune system and triggering some really weird stuff, there's nothing wrong with me except a couple of other genetic flaws like lymphodema and osteoporosis.  None of them are self inflicted.  
Nutritionists would hate me!

He couldn't find any of the expected results of someone with ingestion habits as disgraceful as mine.
My lungs aren't great but better than expected after 50 years of smoking.  No sign of a heart condition.  No risky cholesterol figures. No high blood pressure, if anything it's a bit low.  No sign of diabetes. Only a B12 deficiency easily fixed. A few 'barnacles' showed up in the scans but all benign and normal for age.

Shame about the bad genetics,  I might have been fuckin' immortal!

My old man was never fat and could walk for miles and was fit as a flea despite his diet too.  A virus killed him, at 64 but he'd probably still be around otherwise.  108 this month. That was doable I suppose.

Cuz and his wife are careful what they eat.  They lash out on 'rubbish' on Fridays, which is when they come in for lunch with me.  Otherwise they count their calories and avoid sugary and fatty foods.  Both have been found to be borderline diabetic!  wtf?

My neighbours live 'healthy', salads and low fat regime,  their only vice is a glass of wine with dinner.  They walk a lot, both of them, exercise is their thing.  Both have been in hospital twice in 2 months.  Her with strokes and him with a dodgy heart.   They're only a couple of years older than me.  They look a lot fitter but ... well .. are they?

There is no justice in nature, nor does any dietary regime fit all sizes.  

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