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piss and shit and more
I'm delighted by Sparky's response to Di.
I do respect Sparky's handle on science.
(And it doesn't matter that he isn't as much fun as me)

Anyway, I'm heartened that he and I can have a legitimate discussion of science wherein I don't need to provide evidence for absolutely non-extraordinary claims. That's just a drag on our resources here.

It is true that students of science tend to specialize. Physicists frequently don't know shit about biology.
And zooologists frequently don't know shit about fractal math.

I'm a generalist.
I know a little about a lot.
Others know a lot about a little.

We're equals.

It's really important that we communicate.

This I believe.
btw, while i was typing the above post, a firefly was walking around on my screen.

How cool is that, right?

(I love fireflies. )

I did experiments with bio-luminesance in 9th grade. I was geeky that way. I blame my dad.
Yes, it (the sun) is the main driver of both veggie-dom, and hence everything else that eats the veggies. Not sure about the wavelengths though. What ever drives photosynthesis.

BTW--Oil and coal are ancient plants and the animals who ate the plants long dead and cooked down by the Earth for our use in the most spectacularly stupid ways. Stored sunlight: That's all fossil fuels really are. Uranium driven nuclear power owes it's existence to ancient stars that went supernova via nucleosysnthesis. Still stored sunlight. Just not our sun.

BSBs notion could work provided a sufficiently powerful, renewable yet manageable energy source. IMHO, we're not there yet.

And Clarke's stuff is more and more available on Kindle. (All my paperbacks got soaked and subsequently rotted before I knew it) Damn.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Stank says: "Anyway, I'm heartened that he and I can have a legitimate discussion of science wherein I don't need to provide evidence for absolutely non-extraordinary claims."

For the record, I never agreed to those terms. All claims require evidence. Extraordinary claims are the ones requiring extraordinary evidence.

Also for the record, I've been asked by a board member (via pm and who shall remain unnamed) to "go easy on the old fella" (stanky), to which I did agree.

This ultimately means I won't be responding directly to The Stankster with anything stronger than: "Oh really?" or "How interesting" or "You really believe that" and other generic things of that nature. But I'd hardly characterize that as 'legitimate discussion'.

Just wanted to set the record straight here.

Carry on.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
color me shocked.

(It is true that i put words in your mouth, so i do respect you for calling me on that.)

But this matter of extraordinary claims and the extraordinary evidence?

I'm making the unextraordinary claim here.

I shall attempt to drag you into the details.

(I don't want your charity. You needn't 'go easy on the old boy'. The old boy can handle it.)

stay tuned. let's do some work.
Un-extraordinary claims still require evidence. I will not be dragged into the details. You do not have my charity. And exception taken to your claim that you can handle it. Experience shows that when you're pressed for evidence, you in fact, don't handle it all that well. But that's just my humble opinion, not a matter of fact. Anyone needing evidences of which I speak can refer to the earlier 'piss and shit' thread on this august board.

You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Now that Sparky has proclaimed that he will only be giving lip-service to me in the future, does anyone else want to learn some shit about piss and shit?

Did you know that human shit-waste can be rendered non-harmful via the process of decomposition and bacterial action?
And that that process is exothermic? It produces heat?
And that it does not require absurd amount of water to render safe?
And that not only does it generate heat (handy on Mars or under the Antarctic ice) but it also produces a waste product...methane...which is a useful fuel?

And that the final product (compost) is the ultimate soil amendment? In case you were needing a substrate to grow photosynthesizing plants on? Which clearly, is significant if you want a Mars colony.
Or an Antarctic experiment.

Or a sane approach to sustainability on this planet?


For phucks sake.

catch up.
Yep, knew it produces methane, hence the Greens' concerns about cow farts. So, don't other herbivores fart? I must ask the next Greenie I encounter before I brush 'em with a big hurrumph.

Knew it produces heat too, dunno how, must have read it somewhere.

uh oh, .. gotta go, ahhll be back.
aw shit.

I just lost a big post. Poof. Gone.

Feckin' hate when that happens.

I'll need to try again. It's work for me. Shit work.

I hate trying to convince people that they aren't educated.
People hate that.

People (especially critical thinkers and skeptics) love bacon.

I can't wrestle past that nonsense.

I don't even want to bother.

I can't hang out with retarded people.

I'm happy to teach.

But who the fuck wants to learn anything?
Just do a bit of studying.
Catch up with me.
Don't ask me to drag anyone's ass through the science.


Do your own homework. be curious.

Then, we can talk.

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