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piss and shit and more
I'd like to dip into the science of piss and shit.

But first, i need to ask...

Should I even bother?

Would it simply be a bore?

My frustration has been that the basic curiosity is more about popping perceived balloons, and not about learning anything.

Because this liberal format doesn't actually ban anyone, I've been struggling with wondering whether I should continue to bother.

Anyway, I know some shit about piss and shit.

I'm really not up for the struggle of wrestling with people that don't know shit about piss, or piss about shit.

wtf should I do?

Should i take a poll?

Stanky...does he stay or go?

I'm good, either way.

When I resolve to quit this nonsense, something  inside tells me :"Dude. Where else are these people going to encounter original thought?  

Anyway, I can explain some piss and shit stuff.

I almost feel obligated to do that.

Most people don't actually know there ass from a hole in the ground.
But that never stops them from defending their lack of knowledge.
It's a human nature thing.
I'm guilty of that; at least I use to be.

Now, I'm just wondering if I should bother?

What I can deal with is the waste of time in dealing with fielding  shit questions like "Prove 2 +2= 4."

and i don't really want to do that.

What I want to do is share nuanced ideas with people.

Yet, who is really up for that?

Honestly, I'm happy with the cusp.
say the word.

I honestly don't know.

Do I have any doubt in the nuance that I bring here or anywhere?

absolutely not.

Tune into me, and you will hear shit you've never encountered before; anywhere.
That's what I got.

(hopefully no debate on that point)


I also know lots of shit about shit and piss...which is what god tells me I should share, on account of almost everyone else on this planet knowing absolutely shit about piss and piss about shit.

Like, the Mars colony shit and piss idea...

(There is no idea.)
If you're not going to provide evidences, and follow the proper form of rational debate (and your post suggests you don't want to be bothered doing this) then fuck it. Don't waste your time.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
OK--enough time has passed to acknowledge the possibility that The Stankster has left the building. If that's the case, then sorry to see him go. However...

1 more than 1 thread about piss and shit is just exactly 1 more than we really needed IMHO.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
So you think we're having more fun without him Sparks??

I don't.
Did I say that?

No. I did not.

At the risk of repeating myself: 1 thread about piss and shit is enough.

Are we communicating? Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
And after a one week hiatus, he's baaaaaaa-aaaaack! Smile

Knew he couldn't stay away, he loves us too much.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
There is nothing more significant than a piss and shit thread.
It appears to me that no one knows anything about it.
It is actually never addressed.

I plan to approach this problem from a new angle.

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.
I get that.

At what point is someone allowed to tip that on its head?

What I'm suggesting is utterly non-extraordinary.
The extraordinary claim is that dealing with our urine and feces problem requires lots of energy and water inputs...that it has a net loss factor, ecologically speaking.

well, it doesn't of course.

To claim otherwise is extraordinary.

If I was a dick, I would demand evidence for the non-science that has irked me recently.
(You have no chance of finding any, btw.)

Hopefully, I can be a teacher when I know something.


Let's see the evidence of the extraordinary claims of Sparky and others?

There is nothing more fundamental concerning out roll in a sustainable ecological portfolio, than what we do with our piss and shit...and even our dead bodies.

I'm going to tackle this subject via a different avenue.

Nobody will like it.
That will piss me off.

Because i'll suffer with the problem of knowing when I'm correct about something.

It's way more fun to be wrong about stuff.
You're off the hook.

But when you're correct about something?

You have a big job on your hands.

I have to educate. That is work.

I'd rather make fart jokes.

This is why i left Dodge...not because my feelings were hurt...because i had a huge job on my hands.

I need to teach you fucks about piss and shit.
How I wish you already knew shit about it.

But you don't.

what a drag. I have to teach this shitty stuff before we can move on.

Because someone thinks I may be presenting extraordinary shit that requires evidences extraordinary.
When, in fact, you have it ass-backward.

this is likely to get shitty.

For one thing, am I apt to learn anything from you on this subject?
Hilariously not.
Way not.

That doesn't mean I don't long to learn from other people. What a shit-ton of shit I don't know shit about. Long to learn.

seriously, this is like needless work for me.
I would hope people had a rudimentary comprehension of biological systems before I get stalled out on a fantasy thread about a colony under the Antarctic ice cap.

I may not be up for this.
I'd rather you caught up with the science.
Then you wouldn't need to defend you extraordinary claims with your extraordinary lack of evidence.

And you'd be curious to learn some shit about shit.

I'm the bringer of good news.
Don't be a drag about it.
Don't defend the stupid news...unless you have the evidence.

and you don't. You won't.

But go ahead and give it a try.

Meanwhile, I'll try a Mars Colony approach to our shitty problem.

Even though I have zero interest in the Mars Colony fantasy, I can see how I could use that pathetic metaphor to explain the dilemma of humans dealing with their own waste products....because the metaphor allows us to think within the closed system.

This could be fun. It will be a lot of work for me.

Work that you should have done....before we ever met.
I was giving some amateur thought but I keep going back to that book Rama, the huge enclosed alien spacehip that sounded pretty sciency as those things go.

It would be a closed environment but I'll get to the question that stops my day dreaming in it's tracks. (this wasn't covered in the book, it was sci-fi not a science lecture)
I suppose the planet is a closed system and the recycling balanced out before we introduced plastics and such into it, but in that spaceship?? Would the products of waste be equal to the energy they impart to the food grown to generate the waste products? Would something be either lost, or overproduced?

Really what it proposes is a biological perpetual motion machine doesn't it? I don't know the numbers to judge if the volume of biological waste equals the nutrients and fuel required to keep the waste producing humans alive over long periods of time. Isn't there an equation for that? Conservation of energy or something??

There's mention of methane being used for fuel but how is the heat/power then fed back into the system if say , the energy is used to power maneouvering rockets or something? Isn't the energy expelled from the closed system?

... I can ask science 101 questions 'cos I don't have to prove how smart I am ... life is good for dumbos.
Di asks good questions: "Really what it proposes is a biological perpetual motion machine doesn't it?"

Loved the Rama series.

Not a biological perpetual motion machine, anymore than anything else can be. All systems, biological or otherwise, require an energy source to keep going. Now, if one could collect and recycle everything, including the energy itself with 100% efficiency, and the system never grew or otherwise changed the parameters it was started with, then theoretically a truly closed system would be possible.

Now, our planet is not a closed system. One can think of it as a big space ship in that we can't call mission control for more supplies when we run out, what's here is all that's here. The only exception is sunlight. (A case can be made for the material, not inconsiderable in amount, that falls on the planet all the time in the form of asteroids and cosmic dust, but let's ignore that because it doesn't drive the system energy wise) That's a fuckton of energy falling on the planet every day. It drives very nearly every system, biological or otherwise, on the planet, excepting the extreme-ophiles around those deep ocean volcanic vents who are consuming the energy in hydrogen sulfide which is being made by the heat of the Earth itself. No sunlight required.

There are no stupid questions Di. They are the path towards 'smarter', if you will.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Thank you Sparky, I was overlooking the solar radiation etc input, that's the main driver of veggiedom rather than nutrients. Only certain wavelengths though I think?? Ultraviolet? .. duzzzen madder. Hell of a big energy boost that wouldn't be available in deep space.
So the BSB version of diaspora to far and alien places in huge rotating drums is not gonna work long term. Not long enough anyway. Damn.

Glad someone else here has read the Rama series, it was a bit different to the usual plots. Lost it a bit in the last one I think but I might read it all again someday, think I still have the books. Somewhere.

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