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This Anti-Fag Stuff Has Got Out of Hand
(Yesterday, 08:36 AM)sparks Wrote:  
(Yesterday, 07:36 AM)stanky Wrote:  Hopefully, you aren't stock-piling guns.

Nope.  I can think of lots better things to do with money than that.

Getting on a boat and sailing away from the madness is just one. Smile

You're such a tease.

Please hurry up and win the lottery.

Or maybe you have a rich relative, closing in on death?

Maybe i could pray for you to win the lottery?
My prayers have always come true, btw.
Although the only thing i've prayed for is for Mary not to win the lottery. I really don't want her to be rich. She's so cool the way she is, it couldn't only fuck her up. So, once a week, i pray that her ticket is a loser. My batting average on prayer is 1000.
(In baseball, percentages go up to 1000. Not sure why. I can't do complex math.)

Who knows? Maybe all my prayers will be answered.
I could pray for sparky to win. So he could get that sail boat and come fetch me. Pretty self-serving, i know. Same like my other prayers.
(If Mary suddenly had 50 mil, she'd probably shake free from my sorry ass.)

Here's a dilemma:

Suppose i pray for sparky to win the lottery...and he does...can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be?
Second night out at sea, we'd get into a deep pseudo-scientific debate. And he resent me for it...even though i basically got him an awesome sail boat.

And he'd drop me off at the nearest port.

Crying and destitute. Wondering how to get back home.

People can be so cruel.

Now that's funny!

No worries: In order to get a whatchama callit (Visa??) to visit NZ or OZ, I'm betting one must prove one has the means to get back home. Lot's of countries do this. TA?

Plus, I'd never strand anyone anywhere. Add to that the fact that in person, I'm much less of an asshole than online. I'd be disappointed if we didn't have some great discussions in the cockpit under the stars out in the middle of the Pacific. Takes about 3 weeks. Bring something to read and all your music too. It would really be a hoot actually.

No one is allergic to cats, right? No, I wouldn't bring cats on a trip like that. Too much bullshit regarding destination regulations on such things. If it was just me gunk holing around the PNW, sure.

Just checked if I won last Saturday: No. Gawd doesn't hear me either. But I think that's largely due to the facts that I don't pray, or He simply doesn't exist. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Cats are fine, except when there's ten or more.
That gets into crazy cat lady territory.

Can i bring my box-turtle?
He's very little trouble.

Funny, know why i'm writing here right now?
I'm trying to avoid watching the debates.
I'm concerned that they could make me more cynical.
The cats would be locked up in customs for weeks and cost you a fortune Sparky. Oz is nudging paranoid about bringing animals in. Ask Johnny Depp.

There's an ad running here for the Lottery. Woman comes rushing into the house waving a winning ticket and yeehaaing and telling the bloke to start packing!
"Where are we going?" .... "I'm not going anywhere but you'd better be out of here by noon!"
Do you think they'd be ok with a box-turtle?
Makes sense. Neither OZ nor NZ need any invasive species or 'regulars' carrying diseases. No cats. Box turtles might get a pass being cold blooded though...Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(5 hours ago)sparks Wrote:  No worries:  In order to get a whatchama callit (Visa??) to visit NZ or OZ, I'm betting one must prove one has the means to get back home.  Lot's of countries do this.  TA?

Only if you're from Somalia or some other shithole country.

White people can come & go without visas and no need to have a proven exit.

No turtles, though. As Di said getting animals into NZ is a very hard task. Not so much as a flea.

They de-bug Stanky in a big way. I can see him being sprayed and nuked.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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