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This Anti-Fag Stuff Has Got Out of Hand
I don't think many would be in doubt who won that stare down.  

Stupid kid's silly grin started slipping at 30 seconds and he looked really uncomfortable when he realised his 60 seconds of fame had over run it's interest time with his 'mates'.  They were all looking anywhere but at him.  

Kids that age make great arse clowns of themselves in multitooodinous ways.   Jackass springs to mind.

But that kid was about as successful as Custer at staring the 'Injun' down.

Idiots all,  but because they're over privileged low intelligence teens, it doesn't only happen among catholic MAGA cap wearers.  
There have been drug running orgs and a leisure activity rape pack found among the students in a couple of our 'elite' protestant and business colleges. 
I'm guessing other colleges there have their share of aspiring fuckwits too.
What set me off about that kid smirking at the old Indian, was that he reminded me of kids I've known in the past.
Smug little privileged bitches; good-looking by the standards of the day;; oozing bloated confidence....

The horrifying aspect of this, to my memory, is that this precise type of asshole was often the kid that was going to Princeton or Yale.

I wish it was just dumb-ass trailer trash that leaned toward sociopathy.

My first encounter with nasty smart white kids was when I got into competitive swimming. In the 60's, without doubt, swimming was a sport of rich white kids. 100%. I can honestly say, i never competed against a single person that wasn't a rich white kid.
They belong to swim clubs, from early childhood. They were horrible people. Racist as hell; sexist as shit...awful humans.

Yet, most of them were college material.

Yes, they were complete dicks, and i did hate them...but they got into great schools. They scored well on the tests. They were such dicks.

After high school, i met more of them in college. Super white kids. Like in the movies. Chardsworth Barfington, the 3rd.

I met those kids. I knew them. They loved Barry Goldwater and Ayn Rand. They weren't stupid...they could do the calculus...

It was more like they were evil. They were pussy-grabbers. They were Trump, if Trump was intelligent and had athletic abilities.

That creepy kid in that news feed bothers me because he was that kid that beat me in the swim race, and beat me in the S.A.T. scores.

We shouldn't write him off as an aberration.

Donald Trump is our president.

And, far as I know, he was never a decent athlete. I'd love to know his S.A.T. scores.

Doesn't much matter if young and smart people can wear his hat.
(01-20-2019, 03:26 PM)stanky Wrote:  And, far as I know, he was never a decent athlete. I'd love to know his S.A.T. scores.

As much as the best money can buy.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Didn't you get out much? I get what you mean that some of opinionated pricks have the dosh to get educated and aspire to high places, but that doesn't mean that only they are dicks. I went to school with them too, well, not the same school, we were segregated in high school, but the boy's school students use to lay in wait for us and grab what they could when they could too, and make spiteful remarks and do all the things you hate about the Trumpian types and those boys of my youth were from families on the bones of their arses and scratching to pay rents.

Dickwad teens are found in around equal ratios in all levels of society, whether they grow up to be banking magnates or bank robbers is a 'class privilege' thing, but the mindless stupidity isn't.
I hear you, sugar plum....

But my troubling point is that these fucks come from all walks of life. We might have hoped they were mostly dumb trailer trash.
But I knew guys like Bret Kavanaugh....elitist pricks that went on to high places.
Their mommy's loved them. They had all the advantages you'd hope would prevent them from being sociopaths.

But lots of them get into Harvard. Lots of them were better jocks then me. I knew elite white swimmers that would get drunk on Friday night, and look for Negroes to beat up. They weren't above raping women, either.

Being in their company really changed my world view.

And that was more than 50 years ago. The majority of them were total pricks.

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