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This Anti-Fag Stuff Has Got Out of Hand
Nah, I'm not going hunting for anecdotes.  The schools 'messaging' does happen.  It made the news a couple of times and has been spoken about by people higher up the food chain than just radio talk back callers.  

I don't recall approving of them getting bashed, or kept out of jobs or insulted.  I've never done that and I've worked with  lot of them.  I don't even have any kids but I feel the same about filling little kids heads with gender issues that they don't understand  as I do about filling them  up on religion.  

Just teach 'em to read and write and that bullying is wrong no matter who is the target. As for boys who want to wear a dress to school, well, that's for his parents to go along with.  They can hover around and protect him all day from the jeering, or they can explain to him that there's just some things that are not real smart to do.

I won't be changing my opinions any time soon.  So sue me.
What's the fuss? The Scots wear dresses all the time.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
I'm wearing a mini-skirt presently.
I'm not wearing any pants.
"lower than a snakes ass in a wagon rut." - sparks
Yeah,we saw that on 'Google Earth"
Nice 'package'.

Mary asked, "Tell me more about this Grayman fella."

I'm all about forgiveness.

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