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Irony. (yet another Trump thread)
(09-11-2019, 08:50 AM)President Bush Wrote:  It starts when they put down their iphone and talk to one of the weird-looking people.

Glad to hear that. I don't have an iphone, and i talk to them all the time.
I'm learning Hindi from the lads at our liquor store. We bring them peppers from our garden.
They call me "Captain' and they call Mary "MaMa".

I'm delighted with the cultural exchange.
I get to talk to these people and learn about other places.

I don't think they even want to kill me or convert me.
We like each other.

Yeah, it's crazy liberal shit on my part.

The guys that run the Mexican restaurant in town; we go back a ways with them. When they first appeared here, we greeted them with a gift of some muy-freaking-pecante peppers we grew...and some ability to speak their lingo. 

I dig the aliens. There's Pakastani's running a gas station. I can't pretend to understand their language. But it's kind-of exotic, for Appalachia.

I guess the difference between curiosity and fear is a matter of personal experience and preference.

So far, nobody has killed me.

(I'll let you know when they do.)
(09-11-2019, 07:26 AM)stanky Wrote:  And that is what is so disturbing. (TA's last line above.)

How can someone hear those 43 things in grayman's link above, and still have faith in the guy?
Or, do they hear something different in his ramblings?

I think they do!  There is a kind of "in" joke sniggering recognition of what he "means".  Something only they "get."

They're hearing what they want to hear,  tweaking what he says to fit their expectations. 

His delivery style gives them that opportunity.  By waffling garbage he allows his base to make of it what they want it to mean.
It seems like garbled raving to people who don't 'need to believe' in him, but like the religious bleevers,  they can find whatever 'meaning' they want to in the ravings.

Or, do they simply not watch that stuff (unless they happen to be at the rally)?

Or is this phenomena actually an exotic tick related illness?

I can understand the appeal of a bit of punk street theater, by a group of people that simply don't give a fuck, but do enjoy messing with our minds. Codgers might recall the popularity of the singer, Tiny Tim.

But that doesn't appear to be what's happening in the case of Trump's ardent fans.

Really?  It seems that way to me, from this distance anyway.

I suspect that his appeal is really about the fan's fear of more brown people coming to America.
And black people getting out of jail and getting government hand-outs.
It's white fear that Trump appeals to. But it needs to be slightly disguised as other stuff, like abortion and guns.

Probably a fair amount of that in it.

In my little town of 3,000 (county seat; 12 miles from the stankerosa) which voted for Trump 3 to one; in the past 10 years, we've seen several new business in town, run by a wide variety of foreign looking people. Some barely speak English. They run convenience stores; discount tobacco outlets; the liquor store; the new donut shop, etc. It's quite sudden. Mexican restaurants; Chinese restaurants, run by extended families that usually live in the building and seldom mingle with locals.

Pretty sure it's similar all over middle America...where the crackers aren't use to seeing all these foreigners.
So far, it's all been polite in my area. But the locals may be wondering where it stops.

The ramp up in immigration has made us very nervous down here too, it's not an unexpected reaction, it's a normal human trait to get edgy about losing previously held territory to 'invaders'.  People start wondering if they've been a little 'too nice' to the strangers.   Just being humans.

We've had a fair representation of Chinese among us since very early in our history.  They're as much part of our society as whites are and more than Kooris who were seldom seen in cities.  I can't recall any 'racism' as such, although they did form their own circles and kept apart a little their kids and ours were at school and mates and neighbours and they were 'Aussies'.

But lately the influx of Asian, and principally Chinese has become a tad contentious.  Personally I prefer them to other ethnicities and that has nothing to do with their politics, eyes or colour, but their attitudes.

It's becoming evident that the more recent generation of Chinese are held somewhat in the grip of the Chinese government.  Either through direct influence or through relatives held 'hostage' in China.

3 politicians, current ones, have been shown to have direct connections to the Chinese government.  One was thrown out but not charged with espionage which he should have been ... he's actually an Iranian immigrant doing shady deals with "Chinese businessmen" whoare connected at the hip to Xi.

The other two are ethnic Chinese immigrants who have managed to get themselves elected to Federal Parliament.
They were selected as candidates in electorates with high concentration of Chinese voters. 

It seemed a good idea at the time. 
But it's coming to light that these candidates have been working more for Xi than for their voters and they only got the Chinese votes because the Chinese community is being scared shitless by threats to their families in China if they don't vote for who they're told to! 

Our voting system is very different, and they can vote without anyone else knowing what box they ticked, but the paranoia prevalent in those raised under oppressive regimes doesn't allow them to believe that they won't be found out and punished if they vote against the preferred candidate.

Multiculturalism isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Its not about our acceptance of their diversity, it's about their diverse political agendas being brought here with their suitcases.    We're okay with them, but not with the regimes they came here to 'escape'.

Most of the Chinese sector hate the commos, yet still are to afraid to oppose their infiltration into our electoral system.  It's a worry.

Maybe the ones here will take heart from the stance of those in Hongkers and resist the veiled threats and surveillance of Xi's moles?   I hope so because they're doing themselves no favours at the moment.

The cruel twist in the current uproar is that most of the Chinese are inclined to vote Conservative as they see Labor as being too like the "left" they fled from.   But the 'mole' candidates were standing as Conservatives!
China is very smart, smarter than us.

The US has the Russkies to worry about,  we have the Chows.  Same problem though.

So that nervousness of a lot of 'strangers' appearing is for different reason over there than here but still understandable.  Give it time, it takes 2 generations here to no longer notice funny names or different looks as being 'strangers'. It will take as long there now that immigrants are moving out of the cities.
I'm ok with it.

So far, they are't any trouble.

Trouble here comes with a flavor of uneducated hillbillies on drugs.
You mean the same kind of people who live in government housing or trailer parks here??

We call them bogans, but same people. They all vote Labor 'cos Labor is bigger on welfare support, so they're not too silly to look after their own interests. ...but then, we haven't had a 'Trump' yet. One that tried to be but he's gone into history.

Do yours have tats and pony tails and football team flags on their utes??
back on topic...
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
Fascinating irony.
Fascinating obsession.
I'm moving to Greenland.

Chewing the whale blubber will be a difficult adjustment for me.

But a raw, fresh organic salad, straight from a garden, costs $10,000 in Greenland.
It's basically free here.

A meal of whale blubber here would cost $10,000.
In Greenland, it's basically free.

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