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positive, negative; darkness and light:
I just got an 'e-mail' from some inhabitants of the non-parallel universe nearest ours...what we refer to as 'dark energy'.

Funny thing is, guess what they call our universe?
"The Dark Place".

sounds corny,sure. But they say this one is way more violent and chaotic than their's.
We're like the Wild West compared to them.
"Teacher? Are you saying that protons are good and electrons are evil?"
"Yes Judy. Now sit down."

Words are so powerful in ways we may no longer notice, but i think we need to clean up our language.
Here's an example:

There is right and wrong.
But, there is also right and left.

See what I mean?

(plus, for added crazy, we also write...which sounds identical to that word that means the opposite of wrong.)

An electron's charge needs to be liberated from our feelings about negative Nancy and her stupid kids.
Imho, words that describe fundamental forces should be unique..not shared for other uses.

Even plus and minus fall into this unfortunate quagmire.
"That's a plus!"
clearly, plus is better than minus.

Or is it!????!???

(I hope i run out of opinions soon.)
Bill, you know what else wrankles my ass?
Here's a sample:
(those are all different)

and 2

Two is a swell number and all, but too and to sort-of fucked it all up.

The zero and 'O' thing is extra nuts. for fucks sake, both the letter and the number were on our freaking telephone dials!
Wtf, did we run out of symbols that look different?

That shit makes certain people walk around, muttering to themselves, in dirty clothes.

As long as I'm getting this shit of my chest, Bill, here's another thorn in my head:

If you play guitar with friends, and you don't know the tune someone is doing, it is common to yell out the chord to the guy that's a bit lost.
It's usually pretty noisy when this data is transferred.
Consider the phonetics of these letters, all which are the notes of the common scale:

B, c, d, e, g

all that's missing is a and f

5/7ths of these important words sound very similar. one syllable, stress on 'eee' sound.

hence, you get impromptu conversations like this:

Little Tony "Dee?"

Fat Johnny (bass) "No, EEE!"

Little Tony (keyboards) "CEEE?"

and so on.


how did we run out of sounds that are clearly distinct?
especially in areas of greater significance, like the musical scale. There's 26 letters. Only 7 are needed to name the notes. And five of them sound way too similar.

It infuriates me.

"Well, stanky, you can't fight city hall" says Aunt Helen.

"Yeah, well fuck off then" says nephew stanky.

ungreatfull shit lacks manners. fuck, she did give me that nice tie for xmas.
try to be nice.

no, faggot! you be nice and go fuck yourself.

you can't talk to me like that!

oh yeah??

and so on....

all because of lazy engravers, i guess.

the numbers, zero thru nine, are pretty good, as per sounding and looking different from each other...

so how the fuck did "O" get in the alphabet??!! How dare it.

I demand the removal of "O" from the alphabet.
I will accept suggestions for it's replacement, and the one that becomes official will win you a month's supply of polish.
I propose we remove "C" as well. It has to borrow its sound from either "K" or "S".

Or it has to hop a ride with another letter, like "H" or "K", which sucks.

Perhaps we could just use it to make the "CH" sound and shorten up some ceap, curc, and cosen.
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
Death to the pointless ambiguity and the misguided historical loyalties it rode in on!
That's what i say!

Sure, silent letters were cute for a while. But now we're on the data hi-way, in a world being forced to learn this clumsy language.
Remember grimmer school?
6 or 7 years of that, and still, you're having to study grammar until you graduate grade 12.

to me, that's an indication of a very clunky language.
silent s; silent p; x sounding like z, q has to have a u with it; i before e unless not; words like 'redundant' that are used too often; tripping over backwards to avoid ending a sentence with the sin of a preposition; Miss Johnson's tits in 7th grade; Mr.Gilmore's tits in grade 8;
cursive writing and the qwerty keyboard; day-light savings time; measuring things that go by the same name as volume or weight; like the ounce, which should be 28.3 grams, but never is if you're buying pot;

oh shit.

I could keep writing that sentence for at least 12 hours, never stopping to think.
Why is a silver dime so much smaller than a nickel nickel, when neither have much of the metal their named for?
When i throw out my useless non-copper pennies, will i need to call in a hazmat team?

Maybe I should ask my doctor about Thorazine?
They say it can help to keep Pandora's box closed...

Maybe i can buy it online?
Or is that illegal?

I'm beyond confused.
This is the ugly face of sanity, peeking through the flammable, dust-catching drapes that are mandatory, i suppose, to cover part of that window that cost a lot.
(I'm not bitter.)
Quote:(I'm not bitter.)

Of course not dear, we never suspected that for a moment. Honest.

I see your point and raise you mine.

I demand that we change all those weird and geeky Greek and Alien looking symbols used in mathematics!
They're obviously constructs to protect the status of the numerically addicted by excluding the smelly and unwashed lesser numerically literate from the halls of academia.

The entire numbers industry is nothing more than elitist bullshit!   Arcane and mysterious symbols ... I ask you, doesn't the average long equation look like a spell from a 'dark arts' text book??  
I'm calling wooo on maths!

All those sideways wiggly things and brackets and li'l tiny n's in half font size in italics ... waddafuks that about??

Why is necessary to learn how to interpret wizard spells to be considered capable of doing maths??

When can we expect to see maths written in plain English??

I'm not bitter either.

maybe you'd like the surreal number system better.
It was refined by mathematician John Conway, as a result of his attempt at an algorithm to describe the end game in "GO"...arguably the most demanding of mental exercises for fun.

Anyway, Conway's brilliant system simplified everything, especially the amount of symbols required to represent any value..including degrees of infinity, which is a reasonable demand.
You don't hear much about Conway or his system, but it is surely worthy of inquiry.

here's a link to get you started:

final exam on Friday.
Quote: If formulated in Von Neumann–Bernays–Gödel set theory, the surreal numbers are the largest possible ordered field; all other ordered fields, such as the rationals, the reals, the rational functions, the Levi-Civita field, the superreal numbers, and the hyperreal numbers, can be realized as subfields of the surreals.[sup][1][/sup] It has also been shown (in Von Neumann–Bernays–Gödel set theory) that the maximal class hyperreal field is isomorphic to the maximal class surreal field; in theories without the axiom of global choice, this need not be the case, and in such theories it is not necessarily true that the surreals are the largest ordered field. The surreals also contain all transfinite ordinal numbers; the arithmetic on them is given by the natural operations.

"Anyway, Conway's brilliant system simplified everything," said Stanky !  Simplified??   Seriously??!

English!  I specified "in plain English".  Deal's off, there will be no homework forthcoming on Friday!

Just try and read that crap!   WHHhaaaattt??? 

Tell me if I've got this wrong but .. what is the use of that article? 
The only people looking for it would be those like me who know f'all about maths right?  
The people who could actually make sense of that are already well versed in the numbers industry so why the hell would they be looking at it??

Why is it aimed at the people who already know, and unintelligible to those who thought they might want to know??
.. but sure as hell don't want to now! Confused

I'm having an unknownsable Rumsfeldian moment here, I'll never be able to give up cigarettes while this stuff is going on.  mumblerhubarbgrrr.

Big Grin
Actually, mathematical symbols represent quite specific ideas. One can (almost) never be mistaken for something else unless badly written.

Challenge: Name one symbol, that through context alone, can be several different things.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
I hope you're not asking me if it relates to mathematical symbols Sparks. [Image: happy-smiley35.gif]

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