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positive, negative; darkness and light:
(04-21-2017, 08:36 AM)stanky Wrote:  T.A., sorry to hear you've been doing battle with viruses.

Me too. My throat feels like it's been hit by a flame-thrower on high setting this morning. 3 am and it's so painful it woke me up.

Fuck I hate viruses!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Get well soon my friend!
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
You need a Rum Nummer and milk. Go easy on the milk.
(04-21-2017, 08:41 AM)The Atheist Wrote:  
(04-21-2017, 08:36 AM)stanky Wrote:  I can well imagine that T.A. will reject all this evidence as not qualifying.

No, I'll just reject it as YouTube.

I don't have time to watch videos, so just pluck one out and type it out for me. It's pretty simple - an algorithm that can produce different answers.

Type it out?

These anomalies of math aren't sound bites.

Also, I don't get your thing about youtube.
There's fabulous stuff on youtube. That there is also shit doesn't negate the great stuff.

We should wait until you feel better.

Here's one, off the top of my head:

A=Pi r squared.  (apologies; don't have math notations on this keyboard.)

Being as Pi is irrational, A will vary depending on how many decimals of pi you use. In fact, the answer will always be a little bit wrong.
It might be said that A doesn't equal pi r squared.

Sure, one needn't use many decimals of pi to be pretty accurate for a circle larger than the known universe...but even then, the circle becomes meaning less at scales that involve space warping. These terms are metaphorical in the big picture.
The first obvious hint of that is encountered in Euclidean geometry. What does a triangle look like on the surface of a sphere?
Is it even a triangle?
Is the sphere really a sphere?

No, not really.
Just a useful metaphor.

I think you're being silly, but I forgive you.
Rather than me doing a shit load of typing, perhaps you'd enjoy learning more math?

(I don't have time for typing that much. I've already spent 2 hours on this silliness. That's enough.)

Claim victory if it helps with the virus.
There's truly nothing in this for me.

For those more curious, there's some neat stuff in those links. Brilliant math geeks make youtubes. I've watched many Christopher Hitchens debates on youtube. His brilliance isn't dimmed by the website.
Sorry stank: The degree of accuracy of the answer "A" will exactly match the amount of accuracy one puts into pi. (Not to mention r) If one puts enough accuracy into it to account, say, for the diameter of an electron, then one has probably gone too far... Smile

Fail my friend.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(04-21-2017, 08:43 AM)sparks Wrote:  Well, to be fair, there are lots of mathematical problems that yield contradictory results.  But not many of them are accurate accounts of the Cosmos.

In the end, we'll find that we misplaced a decimal point I expect.

Now you're being silly.

Accurate accounts of the cosmos?
By the time we pin that one down, it's changed.

Misplaced decimal points would throw a calculation 10 fold in base ten.
When does a blunder of that magnitude ever manage any traction?

(There was a famous blunder at NASA involving a blending of metric and Empirical measuring sticks...horribly embarrassing stuff...but no where near being off by a decimal point.)

What gives me the big sigh here isn't that I insist on being right. I'm happy to be wrong. It lends itself to greater understanding.

My big sigh comes from what i see as a rejection of imagination, in general.
Every time we have a big leap in science, there has to be this gooey insistence on staying with the out-dated view.

The emergence of qm, for instance, simply forced the retirement of physicists that weren't up for the struggle. That's cool, I guess...until they insist on sticking to their obsolete guns.

Soarky, the first time I recall you being corrected was in regard to the ratio of wind speed to power.
Since then, it's happened a few more times. Kudos to you.

Yet, somehow, I never gain a drop of cred.
Why is that?

Oh, well. Of small significance. Who cares that there are a few math symbols that use different expressions in different places? Doesn't matter much. You did yield that point. Kudos to you.

And here we go again?

And I should type it out?

I would hope, at least, you see the silliness in all this.
As our understanding of reality grows, some old 'truths' fall by the wayside.

I would hope that we all find that process exciting.

Maybe Jesus did have a wife. Who cares? Why would it matter?

Because it runs afoul of the scriptures.
oops. Missed Sparky's post in between.

Bro, you do seem to revel in my relentless fails.
You even add a "sorry, my friend" softener.

Perhaps you'd find humor in reviewing the number of times you done that, and how much I failed?

(we have all fallen short of the glory of the Lord?)

That was a joke, my friend.

If we ever met in private, out of this context, I would be very curious and open to your area of expertise...and not because I wanted to challenge it at all...because I'd want to learn shit.

I would hope that you're like that yourself.
I know almost nothing about all manner of stuff. If you were an expert in small gas engine repair,for instance, I would be a sponge for your knowledge. I know some stuff about old masonry. It bores me to death these days. Certainly not a brag worthy subject.
Yet, if you were faced with some old masonry repair work, you'd likely listen to me. There simply would be no ego intervention stuff,right?

And the zone of your educational expertise is something I'd love to learn from. There would be no debate. I would be all ears.

A few days ago, a relative, by marriage, to Mary stopped in at the stankerosa. He found me chewing away on a big chunk of cedar with an electric chainsaw. The first thing he said was "You can't do that with that tool."
And I had already done it several times in the past.

I never know where to go in such circumstances...the easy route is too simply write him off as an idiot.
Yet, I need to get along with him. He's in my world.

So, I changed the subject. My other choice was to hate him for being so stupid.

I'd love it if we could share with each other the stuff we've learned.
The stuff of interest to me here is generally in the realm of the speculative.
It feels relevant to engage if that's the purpose of forums like this.

I could bore you to death about the composition of various mortars for various jobs, but it holds no interest for me. Of course, if you happened to be doing a masonry repair, and pm'd me for advise, I would be glad to share what I know about that.
But to instigate such a discussion, publicly, would bring me shame and boredom.

I forget...did you tell me that you're an electrical engineer?
(apologies for shit memory)

If so, I'd love to ask you questions, because I don't know shit therein. Why would I pretend otherwise?
If i wanted to impress anyone, I'd write really disgusting; possibly unique, porn.

(note to self: time to up your disgusting porn game.)

Flights of speculative fancy is a realm that interests me in which none of us can claim definitive knowledge.
I'd hate to think that said inclination would be unwelcome here.

And, to be fair, it is welcome. how else could I still be here, spewing speculative flights of fancy?

We all have stuff we know a lot about. In my own case, that doesn't much interest me.
Though, I'm very open to other's knowledge therein. Shiner has some experience driving big trucks. I've never done that. I wouldn't dream of telling him how that's done.

Yes, I'm an asshole.
But I'm not really a shallow asshole.
(Even my ex-wives would yield that point.)

I think i'm done with this particular rant. Thank you for your patience...especially the hordes of imaginary lurkers.
The square root of negative one, after all, has usefulness in maths of less imaginary flavor.

as does degrees of infinity.
No, I don't take pleasure in pointing out anyone's failures.

Just making observations is all. And remember: I could very well be wrong.

"By the time we pin that one down, it's changed."

The Cosmos will have changed, yes. But not the laws by which it is changing. I know you know this. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(04-21-2017, 08:44 AM)The Atheist Wrote:  
(04-21-2017, 08:36 AM)stanky Wrote:  T.A., sorry to hear you've been doing battle with viruses.

Me too. My throat feels like it's been hit by a flame-thrower on high setting this morning. 3 am and it's so painful it woke me up.

Fuck I hate viruses!

Not praying for you.

Hope you feel better.
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
Someone mentioned the diameter of an electron.

Do you really think an electron has a diameter?
Or is it a metaphor?

How do we know the laws won't change?
By what possible authority?

Observation of the laws thus far?

I don't care if they ever change, or not. But I'd hesitate to say that I know that they never will change.

That simply wouldn't be a very scientific thing to say.

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