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U.S. Politics Not Involving Trump
God clearly has some big guns, and isn't afraid to use them.We're created in his image, hence, guns.
(Sex is weird, at best; probably bad. Neither God nor his son had girlfriends that we know of.)

Yes, Bernie could and should win, but i can't imagine the dnc will allow it.
Bill Maher's show last night was rather chilling. The ocus was on how to defeat Bernie...not Trump.
Amy Klobachar was the guest. Too bad she doesn't watch Jimmy Dore. He did a bit the day before in which he showed clips of Amy doing the same dumb bit three times. It was a joke about how her hair wouldn't blow off in a breeze. Jimmy said he would lose it if she told it again.

And, by golly, she told it again on Maher's show. Ugh. Really ugh.

Here's an interesting take on Bloomberg's involvement:
One thing is for certain - the shit show the Dems are putting on will give voters zero confidence in them, handing Trump another four years.

I'm beginning to think you're right and it's all wilful ignorance because they'd rather have Trump there.

Pelosi's a good example - if Trump weren't there, she wouldn't have made the news once since November 2016.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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