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Crazy shit.

I feel very naive about all the deception one needs to navigate through on line.
I'm afraid to click anything unusual or respond to messages that I need to upgrade things.
It's like walking through a big city with no street smarts. It forces us to be rather cynical.

Or in my case, somewhat handicapped. I can't do facebook; don't buy things on-line; etc.
It causes a default assumption that everything is deceptive.

Strange state of affairs.
It's very predatory.
(Maybe it always has been? Not sure...but it didn't seem so endemic pre-internet.)

My most recent blunder was down-loading a free ad-blocker.
They suddenly appear on my screen, even if I watching Netflix show.
They want me to pay for the free ad-blocking.

"Free" has become a code word.
Like the words "Trust me", the opposite is implied.

And now I need to learn a new language. But I don't know what it is.

(Why do people still say "trust me"? Funny how often I hear it. My president even says it.)
(09-16-2017, 01:03 AM)Shiner Wrote:  Even an algorithm can be a racist.

I can see why people have a problem with that, (harden the fuck up) but I sure have a problem with it being censored, as I have a problem with Stormfront & Daily Stormer being kicked off the open internet and Chelsea Manning being disinvited from some US university.

Who draws the line? Quis cusodiet ipsos custodies? (fuck I've said that a lot over the years!)

Who decides what's ok for people to see & hear and who decides what isn't? Is it ok to advertise for bigfoot, antivax or other alt-med? Is it ok to run ads aimed at UFO believers? Or how about the greatest myth of all, the sky-daddy?

I know for a fact that the Roman Catholic Church runs ad campaigns on Google, as they do on TV.

Why can people not grasp the simple and long-proven point that prohibition does not motherfucking work?

Oh yeah, except for the crooks...

(09-16-2017, 07:59 AM)stanky Wrote:  I'm afraid to click anything unusual or respond to messages that I need to upgrade things.

You should only ever update anything when it comes from the manufacturer, and it's easy to tell the difference.

Uninstall the ad-blocker asap. Just learn to ignore them - you're far more likely to be compromised by an ad-blocker than an ad.

Or use Firefox. Mozilla is your [open-source] friend. You can even download and use TOR if you want to be really serious, and I guarantee you'll never have a pop-up or virus in your life. The downside is, you have to go through a few hoops to enter some sites, because they run of known dodgy ips, just like all the spam registered here.

Nothing's easy, mate.
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
I except that wisdom.

The internet has provided my some humility.
Before that, I was a go-to guy for explaining the art of rip-off artists for friends about to embark on a journey.

This journey is still new to me.
My new found stupidity is almost like being born again.

(Jesus likes me.)
[Image: Screen-Shot-2013-03-20-at-3.21.00-PM.png]

Truth, Justice, and the American way.
"Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle": Vladimir Putin
Outstanding AdSense placement - an article mentioning "dog" attracts ads featuring dogs:

[Image: dogad.JPG]
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
I was about to start a thread detailing my recent (30 minutes ago) Near Cyber Death Experience!

But this thread covers another issue to bitch about too so here will do.

I got 'virused'!! A "Your computer is blocked!!" accompanied by voiceover virus! It was blocked too, ... well Firefox was anyway. The offline local programs and files were fine.

I picked it up from the 'smilies' site I've been using for months. You won't see any more of them!

Clicked to drag the usual smiley and the screen went straight to the full page 'ad' for a security program then the "Security alert" warning box demanding username and password (to what?) popped up with the info on what "Microsoft" number to phone so they could access the computer and fix the problem. ... yeah riiiiight!

Lazy bastards, they used to phone me to tell me my computer was infected, now they want me to phone them!
I phoned a cyber savvy pal in Brissy and he hadn't seen that one but said to try crashing the system and rebooting.
It worked!
But when the 'restore' page came up on Firefox and I noticed there was a 2nd window listed so I knocked that over/'deleted' and the whole thing went away.
Phew, I feel like I just walked away from a plane crash!
The internet is about 90% of my world these days, that was a scary experience!

The additional bitch I have is with the bloody ads everywhere! I've got Ad bloc but they seem to have found a way around it. Maybe I should re-install it? dunno ... is everybody getting ads they weren't getting last week??
In Kentucky, everything is ten years behind the times.

My ad-block still works.

But now I know why i never use smilies.

(I feel kind of left out that I don't get viruses. I presume it's because I'm too retarded for them.)
(10-15-2017, 09:21 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  I got 'virused'!!  A "Your computer is blocked!!" accompanied by voiceover virus!  It was blocked too, ... well Firefox was anyway.  The offline local programs and files were fine.

That's pretty common, and it's not a particularly dangerous virus because it only affects Firefox, whereas they normally take over the whole computer.

Reload should be fine - they're very basic scripts and the uninstallation should have killed it.
The greatest problem facing mankind is apathy.

But nobody cares.
I've upgraded Malwarebytes and it found nothing and I've had no further problems so dodged a bullet.

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