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Leeuwenhoek, a story worth knowing:
Quote:hy on earth would any one wear a tie around their neck? It seems so fundamentally nutty to me, that all I can figure is that to do so is an easily identifiable symbol of being with the crazy team.

All world leaders (with a few exceptions) must now don such apparel.
If they didn't, we couldn't take them seriously.

One of politic's greater delights is watching the discomfort of politicians at these international conferences where they are all forced to don the 'National costume' of the host Nation for an embarrassing and perpetual reminder of the silliness of it all, group photo opportunity.  

Not sure if yours do that, probably not,  but what you miss out on is  having South Pacific nations playing host.  
They have a wicked sense of humour.

The image of some of our illustrious PMs wearing very loud shirts, grass 'skirts',  and one in particular with a crown of feathers and palm leaves makes it all worthwhile.

You know what the worst piece of 'cross dressing' that I ever saw was??  A white man tarted up as a Zulu.   It was the most depressingly pathetic thing I ever saw.   White men just can't do that Zulu thing. 

But I have to admit to suffering a certain amount of set-in-cement brainwashing concerning dressing for the occasion.

To me it has more to do with showing respect for those you accompany than with mere fashion.

You will lose all respect for me now, but if you have 2 panelists arguing the value of coal or environment or air taxes or saving the drop bears campaigns  I find I automatically grant more value to the opinion of a neatly dressed bloke than that of an open rumpled shirted hippy with a two day stubble and matted hair any day.   Call me picky.

The most successful Greenie in OZ, the one who really got any traction for the Party and steered it into contention politically was Bob Brown.   Bob is a rabid enviro nazi, social engineering, gay rights activist and a veritable warrior in the ban everything that makes a buck for a non-Greenie approved millionaire army.

He always appeared in clean white shirt and tie.  
 He got noticed, and more importantly heeded,  because he looked 'legit'. 
He fitted in with the 'enemy's' uniform, it made them feel relaxed.
He got heaps of concessions from them.   .. just sayin'.  

You have to show respect to get it.  If what you want is important enough,  and getting it entails dressing in the 'national dress' of the business and anally social sector then do it.  You can be as opposed to their agenda as you like, you still won't be dismissed out of hand as a 'hippy', you'll still be in with a chance to negoiate as they'll see a rival, not an enemy.

If what you want doesn't have any connection to the tie wearers then you can afford to look feral.  Go for it.

The logic or even sanity of ties doesn't matter, believe me, it's a big improvement on cod pieces!
There is some deep seated reason for the tie thing, but whatever it is,  paying it respect will get more than bucking the system by some gesture of insulting their dress sense will.

That "learn the Queen's English" thing could come from the resentment of having spent a lifetime learning to do something right then finding no one gives a shit.

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