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daily woo
I remember those sandwiches from my youth, toasted.
I like it hot and sticky - Di Wundrin
Toss in Campbell's Tomato Soup, and two Vanilla Wafers for dessert, and you were ready for America.
It was a level of blandness that required no chewing.
Hallelujah!!   worked for me... I'm just off to the beach to buy a surfboard!

His gaze did have some effect on me though,  soon as I saw him I thought of this.  Can't imagine why.

[Image: 9253518shar_pei_2.PNG]

But seriously fellas,  a little moment of respect is due.   Anyone who can make money by just looking at people has something pretty special going for 'em and it ain't even woo.

Was there ever a better job invented than that one??   

I wonder if he's tried politics.  Lots of them get paid for just looking kindly bewildered, he'd be a bloody shoo in!
Best part is, he doesn't claim to have any healing power, others claim it for him.
I like it hot and sticky - Di Wundrin

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