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The Trump Effect
It's working out for too many of them. Who do you think is going to stop that shit happening? .. and how?
(12-08-2018, 05:49 PM)President Bush Wrote:  I know a couple people who became real assholes, seems to be working out for them.

Worked well for Steve Jobs, apart from his assholishness thinking he could beat cancer with the power of his mind and carrot juice.

Narcissist assholes do well in business - odd that it never worked for Trump, but at least he's found his true calling.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I've always wanted to be a narcissist asshole.
But i lack the skill to make the big leagues

Or do I?.
It takes a lot of practice, and complete lack of people around who are game to swat you down, not many make the grade.

Though there are plenty of contenders.
all that, plus... a new analysis of the Shrieking of the Void.
the more you drive the dumber you get
Are they still going? I heard they were wobbling to a standstill some time back. maybe it was some other forum?

I got the run around there after Randi handed it over and everyone had to re-register, they diddled me about so much I just chucked it in and never went back (except to pinch their 'emojis'.)

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